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    Admiral Ozzel; Fate sealed before his last blunder?

    Does anyone think that Admiral Ozzel was already screwed prior to coming out of Hyperspace too early?

    The Rebels already knew the Imperial Fleet was coming for them after they found the remnants of the Imperial Probe Droid. They began evacuation procedures prior to the fleet coming out of Hyperspace. My contention is that no matter where Ozzel would have came out of hyperspace, it would have looked like to the Empire that they had been "alerted to their presence."

    Now Ozzel had blundered already (we saw the second guessing by Piett after the Probe photographed the shield generator in ESB), and probably had done so prior to the past, (Vader's words, "You have failed me for the last time.") So no matter what he would have done, he would have been doomed to die by a Vader force choke.
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    Vader was probably a lot more merciful than we think. After all Ozzel obviously had failed him before and Vader let it go. Or was mis-identifying the shield generators his only other failure?
    The crew probably liked Ozzel alot. Why even the great General Veers was making excuses for the imbacile.
    Vader had to finally choke him to make an example of him to keep his officers in line.
    On the other hand he never gave Captain Needa a second chance.

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    I think Darth Vader just had to choke a b*tch.

    (yeah, that's right - I just dropped a classic Dave Chappelle joke.)
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    Ozzel was Vader's love toy and the previous night didn't go so well, ergo, "you've failed me for the last time."

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    Ozzel is a pompous idiot who gets killed for mouthing off to the guy with the lightsaber one too many times. But his final failure is alerting the Rebels in time for them to raise their shields before the bombardment can begin. Also, by alerting them early, Ozzel basically let a bunch of Rebels get through the Imperial fleet's net before it was ready.
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