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    Chewie was supposed to get a medal in the script!

    According to The Making of Star Wars, in the 3rd version of The Star Wars, Chewbacca is among our heroes receiving a medal at the ceremony at the end for his bravery during the battle. Yet in the 4th and final draft, Chewie is left off to the side to watch Han & Luke collect accolades.

    What changed between the 3rd and 4th draft which caused Lucas to sideline our Wookiee pal for the recognition?

    Is it possible he pulled another "Jedi don't seek 'revenge'" things and felt Chewie being from a slave race meant the Rebels wouldn't recognize his accomplishments? Or is it possible Lucas didn't feel Chewie really did enough to deserve a medal from the princess?

    Maybe it was Leia watching the Wookiee cower in the corner of the trash masher like a baby.
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    Well we have a 5th and 6th version now, and he still doesnt have a medal, so we can really await the super nifty SE versions and see.
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    the Rebels are picky with who they hand medals out too, ever since Jek Porkins accidently ate his while pigging out at a buffet in a local cantina a few years before the attack on the Death Star.
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    If you think about it, why didn't Threepio and Artoo get some kind of commendation?

    Maybe it was a pilot's medal and Chewie, being a co-pilot, didn't qualify. Or maybe wrapping something around a Wookie's neck is a sign of bondage and something that Wookies don't really like very much.
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    I used to listen to the Story of Star Wars cassette a lot as a kid. Roscoe Lee Browne was the narrator. When he described this scene, he referred to a "confused Chewbacca". Maybe he was confused as to why he wasn't getting a medal.

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    Maybe the droids recieved new parts and they did get a clean up finally. though why 3PO didn't get a shiney gold lower leg casing to replace his silvered one is beyond me.

    Maybe Wookiees fight for honour and justice and the Republican way and don't see trinkets as important. Though looking at the amount of bling on their homeworld dwellings I doubt that.

    perhaps it's because he's just a co-pilot. Signed up to the rebel forces along with han but not actually a paid up member with a valid membership card.

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    Somewhere, somewhen, it was explained that Wookiees don't put much stock in such trinkets, and the Rebel leadership recognized this and didn't want to insult him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbarada View Post
    If you think about it, why didn't Threepio and Artoo get some kind of commendation?

    Right! In TPM, the tin can only saved a shiny star ship and got a commendation from Amadala. In ANH, he helps save an entire planet and gets squat. WTF?

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    technically in ANH after R2 gets blasted by a stray shot, he's out of the game. so although he worked in his official capacity on Luke's ship he was to all intents and purposes electronic scrap when the shot that blew up the death star was fired. so R2 wasn't really active in the battle. and 3PO was fannying around at the rebel base like a society airhead.

    technically it should only be Luke for the death star destruction but han gets one for his role in returning the data to the rebellion and for helping rescue the princess. And also because Han was going to take the credits to Jabba and instead joined the shiney happy rebellion. which was down a few men after the capture of the Tantive IV. "give the dude bling and he will stay".


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