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    What would YOU have done with the Special Editions?

    I'm curious to hear what some of you would have done if the classic trilogy was yours for the tweaking. I'm sure some of you would have done absolutely nothing, and that's cool. I'm not interested so much in what was done that you do or do not like, but what you yourself would have changed, if anything.

    In light of the prequel trilogy, I would have changed the emperor in ESB. Ideally I would replace him with McDiarmid, if not physically then at least with an overdub. Since Palpatine is in all 3 of the prequels, a redone ESB sequence would enhance the continuation of ESB into ROTJ for me.

    Thanks for your ideas!

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    I would have definetly cleaned up the Rancor scene. That is the only thing from the regular SW movies that looked bad.

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    Star Wars- digitally restore it as was done, and expand on all the space battle sequences. I'd also enhance and expand backgrounds without lengthening scenes. Aside from that nothing else.

    The Empire Strikes Back- Digital restoration and cleanup the Hoth battle. The expansion of Cloud City was great as it was done by GL, so I'm all for that. The Shuttle addition didn't bother me either, in fact I thought it added a little more tension to the scene.

    Return of the Jedi- Again digital restoration, the new Sarlacc was cool. Fix the GONKing Rancor scene!! I also really liked the new end sequence, it did a much better job of showing just what a major task had been accomplished.

    Just my ideas.

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    Fix the Rancor scene, fix the messed up lightsaber blades, removed the trash like "Jedi Rocks" and Luke's Cloud City scream... etc.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    Get rid of screaming Luke. (ESB)

    Reinstate Vader's original "Bring my shuttle" line. (ESB)

    Lose the excess Vader traveling to his Star Destroyer footage. (ESB)

    Lose the Greedo firing first thing.(SW)

    Keep Falcon blasting off. (SW)

    Keep Sandcrawler footage (SW)

    Fix Rancor sequence. (ROTJ)

    Replace Emperor. (ESB)

    Enhance Hoth battle sequence to include ground troops overrunning the trenches. (ESB)

    Enhance snowspeeder battle to not focus so much on Luke and his ineffective micromanagement. (ESB)

    Replace Luke's lunging saber action with actual good moves before taking Vader down. (ROTJ)

    Fix Jabba FX at M. Falcon so that he actually looks 3D. (SW)

    Shot replacement: After R5 D4 blows his top, there is a cut away to R2 with R5 behind him. (SW)

    Keep the enhanced Death Star battle. (SW)

    Keep all the new music in Jabba's Palace and during the Ewok celebration. (ROTJ)

    Keep planetary cutaways during Ewok Celebration. (ROTJ)

    Keep enhanced Cloud City footage. (ESB)

    Remove additional Biggs reunion footage as it has no context without any Tatooine scenes. (SW)

    Give Chewy a medal! (SW)

    Actually have Luke's lightsaber cutting people when he hits them during the Skiff battle. (ROTJ)

    Fix some of the poor process shots during the Speederbike chase. (ROTJ)

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    I too would want to finish the Jabba scene in ANH. But only if a Jabba based on his RotJ look could be achieved.

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    It'd be cool if they could totally enhance the Skiff battle, with the Skiffs actually moving around Jabba's barge instead of just sitting there. Plus, when Han and Chewie's Skiff gets hit it should buckle and spin around kind of like a boat in water. Maybe they could reshoot the sequence with look-alike actors and matte in the main characters' faces. If it's possible it would be cool!

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    "Alert my Star Destroyer to prepare for my arrival." What's wrong with this line? Yes, James Earl Jones sounds different 16 years later, but the guy did just kill his own kid (or so he thought) after a very taxing battle, so why not have the guy say this? I don't see the problem with this line or with Jerjerrod being on the SSD when Vader lands, I just don't see how this one hurts the film.

    "Greedo Fires First" - in my mind, this never happened. Seriously though, I had an overheat warning go off on my computer so I had to finish with "etc" and dash off. This WOULD have been my #1 if I had a chance to preview my post and notice it's absence. This scene should have never been.

    "Keep Falcon blasting off" - think the new lift-off and faster ascent into space looks great, of all the things in the SEs I'd keep, the Falcon blasting out of Mos Eisley is my #1 keep.

    ESB Emperor I'd probably change too, just for continuity's sake and because I could. Nothing against Clive Revill, he did a fine job, I just think the continuity should be there, especially because it wouldn't be too hard to get Ian McDiarmid to redo this shot right now.

    "Keep all the new music in Jabba's Palace and during the Ewok celebration. (ROTJ)" - That's when I knew for sure that he was mentally ill, your honor.

    I'd keep the Biggs scene in the Rebel hangar, it makes Luke's journey all that more painful to watch a friend die before he thinks he is next. Plus, while it doesn't add much, it doesn't detract much either.

    I'd remove all shots of Wicket screwing up during the big Endor battle.

    I'd put back the B-wing assault on a Star Destroyer.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "We named the dog 'Chewbacca'!"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    B-Wing Assault on a Star Destroyer? When did this happen? Man I have GOT to watch the non SE's again. It's been 5 years or more.


    Replace Mos Eisley matte painting with more active CGI shot of ships taking off and landing.

    Han shoots first. (Or at least get Greedo's shot to hit closer than 4 yds to Han's head...)

    Better Alderaan Explosion. The first was just an M-80 in a confetti ball, but the new CGI fails to capture the awesome energy of a planet blowing apart. It needs more TIME to be effective. Maybe cut to the planet and show the idyllic paradise seconds before it happens, too.

    More external shots of Falcon during it's escape from the Death Star.

    Put in the legendary "Obi Wans dissappearance" CGI work. Lucas had like 20 different guys working on different versions of Obi Wan becoming one with the force, but didn't like any of them, so he left the boring old "cloak fluttering to the floor" scene in.
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    An enhanced Alderaan explosion would be awesome. If anyone's ever read the Manga Star Wars books, the death of Alderaan lasted something like 4-5 pages from Death Star ray to Leia's reaction. Anyone who sees those panels will see they're a perfect storyboard for another CG addition.


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