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    Are you satisfied with the way Hasbro has been releasing the 12" Collection?

    Recent choices supposedly include:

    Padme Droid Factory
    Anakin Secret Ceremony
    Geonosian Warrior
    Lando Skiff Guard
    Han Solo action blasting
    AT-ST Driver
    Logray and Ewok Warrior
    Luke Jedi Knight
    Exclusive Leia Endor on Speederbike

    I've only seen the first 3 available at retail. The Geonosian is the only one that's perfectly what he should be.

    I really want to find Lando and Yoda, while some people have both those waves from online retailers, I have never heard of them hitting stores in San Deigo.

    I'd also buy the AT-ST Driver, Logray and Friend, and Leia Endor on the bike if I could catch them.

    Some of the other choices are duplicating figures I already have and don't want more of.

    What do you guys think of the state of the 12" Collection these days?
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    It really doesn't help that all of the releases of this year, save for thge Geonosian Warrior, have been complete crap. It's sad that the current and upcoming releases seem to be a little more worthy of the community's attention but the distribution of these pieces is being hampered by a glut of shelfwarmers. It would be nice if Hasblah would apologise for Anakin, Han and (especially) Padme, recall these vinyl turkeys and replace them with more acceptable product.
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    I try to collect as many as I can and am only missing a couple since 95 or 96, whenever they first started coming out. I have bought the Lando skiff and AT-ST Driver at Toys R Us in Southwest Missouri about a month ago, however I did not get the Han only because it had a smashed side and I figured I'd find it again later since it is a repeated figure. I think that exact one is still there. Wal-Mart here in southeast Kansas has had no new figures or 12 inchers since the Zam and Dooku wave. They have finally put out all the new figures with the Snow Trooper, Wat Tambor, and Coleman Trebor except aside from one new Darth and one Snowtrooper that I was able to buy....EVERY SINGLE DARN FIGURE CRUSHED. I asked the dude what the hell happened and he said that sometimes people drop boxes on other boxes. I was pretty furious since this was my first real taste of new figures since February aside from the what I have had to resort to buying on Ebay at nearly $12@!!! Ok enough rambling, my point is I am sort of satisfied with the way the 12" collection is being released, I am glad they only release 3 at a time every 3-5 months or so, that gives me time to search my butt off for them. I waste alot of gas looking around. But I do end up finding them somewhere around here, within a 2 hr drive radius. But its the 3 3/4" figures that are making me the most angry! I did send off the petition thing that I printed off this website so hopefully Wal-Mart will get flooded with them and realize what they will be missing out on if they don't distribute the things we want. Thanks SirSteve's for supplying that petition!

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    i'm satisfied with the 12" collection. it's always easy for fans to complain about something, and there are certainly more 12" lukes than anyone really needs, but by and large, the idea of the line just doesn't really make sense to me.

    at $20 a pop, it costs at least $40 to generate a meaningful star wars play experience unless you buy one 12" figure and let your kids pretend it's a giant. the toys aren't as much playthings as collectibles, and i've seen plenty of collector shops with walls literally lined edge to edge with overpriced 12" figures that no one is buying. i started getting the 12" figures because they display better that the small figures, but at $20 a piece, it's hard to justify even completing my bounty hunter collection that will be over a $120 investment by the time i'm done.

    these figures ought to just be sold through mailorder and specialty shops so that the walmarts of the world can clean out their inventory and buy things from hasbro that might actually sell. there are still a 12" cantina band member and a 12" walrus man at a walmart near me for christ's sake!

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    12" figure distribution sucks

    And I don't know if its all Hasbro's fault...

    The big retailers buy the heck out of stuff when a movie comes out, and they are all competing with each other over the same eight figures or so. Then when they don't sell all the stock they bought, they decide that the lines aren't doing as well as they thought, so they don't buy subsequent assortments. But its not that the toys didn't sell, its that the stores bought way too much stock in the first place. So we end up seeing the same peg-warmers all the time, and none of the new stuff. I think that retail chain buyers should buy smarter, and keep the stock moving. Wishful thinking, I guess.

    In all, I'm pretty happy with the 12" lines, though I would LOVE to see more Jedi figures and fewer repeat characters. My biggest beef with the line is the change in the female character bodies. Ever since Aurra Sing, we have been stuck with the glorified Barbie stock body for female characters. What ever happened to the poseable, more realistic body that was used for the early Leia figures? Even the Leia Bounty Hunter figure in the KB 3-pack exclusive a few years ago still used that body style. All this change has done, as far as I'm concerned, is make the figures less realistic and less desirable. The Padme looks like she has a beach ball for a head, for crying out loud! Hasbro needs to know that the people who follow these line and drop $20+ a pop on these figures want more than just "whatever they can throw together" for our money, and when the line first started, they really tried to give us more than our money's worth. The last decent-looking assortment they put out was the Bounty Hunters. I want more like that and less like the Beach Ball Padme.

    'nuff said.

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    Thumbs down

    I wanted to buy the Yoda to help with my Jedi council 12" set. I have not found him. I voted no. I have yet to see any newer 12" figures at retail. Heck, I still can't find the 3 3/4" figures at retail.
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    I managed to get the Lando and the At-St driver, but no Han. I was going to order a case from EE with the Luke, Yoda, Ewoks, and Biker Scout, but I would get 2 Lukes, and 2 Yoda's. While I keep my 12" line boxed and if I see a good deal on a second of the same figure to open, I don't think paying full price for 2 Lukes warrants buying a whole case from EE. I wouldn't mind a second Yoda though. I haven't really hit the retail stores to much, unless I have to go to get something else I need, because I just end up wasting my time.
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    What do you guys think of the state of the 12" Collection these days?
    i think it's in a very sad state........and i'm not the only one as i keep reading on "other" sites that hasbro has cancelled 12 inch production for the rest of 2003. i almost believe at times that hasbro is trying to kill this line by releasing poor quality product that they know won't sell....and it's not selling as indicated by wal mart's refusal to stock future releases.

    all i collect of star wars merchandise is the 12 inch line, and it's getting hard to do that. i've never seen the skiff lando wave and had to get the yoda wave online out of fear of never seeing it at retail.

    my suggestion to hasbro is this:

    Suggestion #1
    if you plan to continue the line as you have in the past, with huge heads, crappy sculpts and crappy bodies of rehashed figures, ditch the "collector box" and just slap those figures on blister packs like you do most of your 12 inch G.I. Joe figures and charge no more than $10-$12 for each figure.

    Suggestion #2
    forget selling this line to children who don't buy them, or collectors who don't buy them in their current state because they suck, and instead re-direct your efforts towards producing a real high quality collectible figure aimed at the adult collector, like me. price the figure at about $30-$35, like marvel has with their 12" marvel studios line and give us spot on headsculpts with super paint jobs on your super articulated GI joe, as long as you loose those crappy claw hands.

    actually i'd prefer a re-worked Joe body with a longer torso and legs, as i think the GI Joe body is too short.

    think marmit quality when you make these figures or don't make them at all.........or just let a quality company who knows how to make a quality 12 inch figure like Blue Box or Sideshow take over the line.
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    Well like Tycho I've only seen the first 3 at retail and only bought the Genosian Warrior because IMO Anakin and Padme looked pathetic (like most of the core characters). The 12" line is so hit and miss to me that I decided a while ago that I would only pick up the figures I felt were quality instead of trying to be a completist. I'd say 1 out of every 3 or 4 peak my interest but the distribution and store ordering are so poor that I have trouble finding anything new with all the old stuff sitting on the shelves. I would like to get the Ewoks and Lando Skiff Guard but couldn't care less about the re-done crap I already have so ordering by the case online is out of the question. Most of the last waves have been on clearance around here (around $8-$14) and they still won't sell so I doubt these stores have much faith in the line. I think the future of the 12" line is definately in question and if the quality doesn't get better it might be a good idea if they kill it before it drags the whole SW line down.
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    12" line has ZERO quality behind it. course i'm only guessing from seeing pictures. the latest 12" figure i've seen was leia boushh disguise. still about a dozen of them clogging the shelves at TRU. KB has plenty of clone troopers, but thats the only 12" figures i'd seen then until the gamorrean arrived last week. i'd buy the 12" line, unleashed, playskool - i'd buy any line i could find. the only SW figures available that i've seen are the 3 3/4" line.


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