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    Silver Autograph Pen?

    I'm thinking of going to Wizard World this weekend to get some action figures autographed. Can someone recommend what the preferred pen I should pick up for this? Brand & where to buy?

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    the only 2 important things I know are 1. don't use a black sharpie because as time passes, it will turn a yellowy-orange color and 2. be very careful when using those silver and gold pens because sometimes they leak out all over whatever is being signed...I heard this at comic con this year from one of the comicbook artists a friend of mine was getting a sketch from and a signature. I think this happens near the end of the life of the pen, when most of the silver or gold liquid has been used up.
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    Sharpie makes a silver pen now that is just like all thier other sharpies. No liquid center like those paint pens. I've never gotten an autograph with it, but it worked great to write my cousins name on his black baseball glove. They are new so I don't know about the life span and if they change color over time. They can be found at Target in the school supply section for $0.97.

    Hey, u156446 maybe I'll see you at WW, I'll be there too!
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    Whos autographs are you planning on getting u156446?
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    Somewhat undecided right now. I've been to these things before, but never bothered with the lines. I have an extra EP1 Maul, so I'll probably at least get that signed, but I was possibly thinking of also getting one of my two Silver Fett's I hope to buy signed as well. Not too overwhelming, but I think I'm still struggling with the thought of have to shell out $15-$20 each for someone to write their name.

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    Well, last year the lines for Prouse, Bullock, and Meyhew weren't to bad at all. They were all there and none had a line. I think I went on Saturday last year too (in the late morning afternoon). Lou Firigno was there and he didn't have a line either. This was so funny to me becasue only a couple of months earlier people were waiting hours and hours at CII for an autograph, and at WW these guys couldn't give them away . Funny. I'm not an autograph guy, and certainly not these "barely minor celeberties". Ray Park would be ok, but he's the most expensive one. Sean Astin would be ok too, but that's pushing it too.

    The only auto I'd care to have is either George Lucas (of course) and James Earl Jones.
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    I'm not an autograph person either, just that I thought it would be cool to have any extras I have on hand signed. I would'nt place any additional "value" on them, but once I can properly display my collection, some of these signed items might spice up the display a little.

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    At the comic con, Jeremy Bulloch hung out at the Paizo booth thurs - sunday and signed the silver fett figures right after you bought them for 10 dollars. If you wanted other stuff signed, he charged 20 dollars, so 10 wasn't too bad and I went ahead and did looks real snazzy, the silver signature on the silver fett I think.

    I'm not much of an autograph person either, but I thought "why not" since Jeremy is sitting right here

    the "other" boba fett, that kid who played him in ep2 was signing too???? thanks!!
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    Caution - Potentially Dumb Question: Do you bring your own silver pen or do the autographers have them there? I figured if I can be directed to the right kind, better to have the right stuff with me.

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    Jeremy had his own silver pen when I went to Gen Con. I brought over my Silver Fett and he broke out the silver pen whithout having to think twice.

    I also had Kenny Baker sign my silver R2-D2, but I got his done in Gold, just to be different.
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