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    What Happened To Spy Reports?

    Is it me or are the spoilers coming in rather slow for Episode III? I remeber at this point of filming for Episode II, there were spy reports and pictures from the set coming in left right and centre.
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    I read in a newspaper that Lucasfilm have learnt from their past mistakes and they've really enhanced their security. I guess the only way to get spoilers will be through hyperspace or if any people working on the set spill the beans anonymously.
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    I suppose its for my own good atleast. I know I ruined a lot of stuff for AOTC, but still liked the movie a lot. I might consider only taking a peak at small spoilers, and not reading a lot of the overall story, script, etc.
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    They figure since they can now charge us that they should charge us to know nothing. Brilliant plan of theirs. I just wish that the script will leak out sooner or later.
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    The spoilers will still leak out closer to the time of the films release. The LFL publicity machine will make sure that certain reports are 'leaked' because they'll need to build the hype. Not all of the leaks for AOTC were stolen pics or reports. After the resounding failure to excite of TPM they had to whip up the fans into a frenzy so it makes perfect sense that info was leaked. I feel that the same will happen with ep3. Plus you can't stop extras talking. Even if there are no pictures there will still be on set reports somewhere. Then there's the hyperspace stuff that people will continue to sneak into forums and websites. LFL can't keep tabs on every member of hyperspace. So one way or another there will be stuff coming out. It's still early days yet.

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    I have hyperspace Jargo. It still hasn't done much for me, in my opinion. I will admit the McCallum chat was cool but there wasn't any MAJOR spoilers. Also, despite what TFN says, knowing that Dooku dies in the first ten minutes is not a major spoiler.
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