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    You ask and you shall receive. It is a 2 part code.

    JPVI?IJC (R2-D2 will not beep) - Infinite lives {1st. part}
    RSBFNRL (R2-D2 will beep) - Infinite lives {2nd. part}

    Not quite certain what the 1st. code means, but the 2nd. one is the combined intitials to all the Rogue type SW games (Rogue Squadron, Battle For Naboo, and Rogue Leader).

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    Still looking for secret ship codes.

    While I don't know any yet, I can almost garantee that their is at least one (most likely from Episode II) that will replace the extra A-Wing in the main hanger.

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    I have to agree that there is an Episode II ship, but we will not get that code until after the movie comes out. The game is really hard, and i dont think it will be possible for me to get all gold medals. I am having a hard enough time to get silver. I hope we get some codes soon.
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    The only Gold medal I have is from the first bonus mission "Escape from the Death Star". I will say that it helps if you find the advanced lasers, that way you don't waste a whole lot of time on any one tie at a given moment.

    I have mostly silver on all other levels, except bronze on the battle of Endor, but I still can't beat the death star II run. Always get caught up in the explosion following Lando.

    I'm a merely a butthair away from getting gold on the first mission. The mission that drove me the most nuts was "RAid on Bespin". I found out by accident that ...


    blowing up the pilot flame under the balloon blows the whole balloon up. Before I was taking out each individual turbolaser on the balloon. Funny thing is I actually did make it past that part of the level by attacking just the turbolasers and then in cloud city I smashed into a tower. I was ****ed.

    ***END SPOILER***

    I love this game! It may be difficult, but it has tons of replay value.

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    how kool is Slave 1 !?!?
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    Unfortunately, Slave I isn't very good. It has the speed of a Y-Wing and the shields of an A-Wing. The only thing going for it is the cluster missles. Once you get Vader's Tie (also has clusters) though, it is basically worthless. Its only real use is for an easy gold on the Ison Corridor Ambush level. It also helps for the gold on Vengeance on Kothlis level.
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    Has anyone beaten the game yet?
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    I have. That is why I know all this stuff posted.

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    Black Buick (older topic)

    I mentioned this before in an older topic, but have decide to repost it here for those who might have missed it.

    Remember that Black Buick you could play as in Rogue Squadron
    and later on in Battle For Naboo if you knew the right passcodes
    to enter. Well it has decided to grace us with its glory once again in Rogue Squadron II. It can be found on the Ison Corredor level behind the Frigate when you enter gas cloud section of the level. It is still unknown if it is playable as in the other games.

    Makes you wonder why Lucas Arts loves the thing. I heard its because one of the programmers owns the car in real life and just loves to show it off.

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    Walk through walls and refill shields glitch

    In any of the hangers you can pass through walls by pressing up against one and holding the control stick and the C-stick up and at the same time tapping the X button repeatedly.

    If you crash immediately before any cutscene, when the scene is over your ships shields are restored, but you will not lose a life for it.

    I'll continue to keep you updated.


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