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    Finally got some secret ship codes. Just like infinite lives, they are both two part codes.

    CDYXF!?Q (R2-D2 will not beep) - Naboo Fighter {1st. part}
    ASEPONE! (R2-D2 will beep) - Naboo Fighter {2nd. part}

    MVPQIU?A (R2-D2 will not beep) - Millenium Falcon {1st. part}
    OH!BUDDY (R2-D2 will beep) - Millenium Falcon {2nd. part}

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    Thumbs up Thank you, Lord Malakite!

    I've been meaning to thank you on behalf of my 12 year old son for the latest secret ships codes.

    The rate of fire on the Naboo Fighter is impressive.

    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge of the game!
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    I got Super Smash Bros Melee when it came out, and have been playing that for about 3 months straight now. Last night I went back and played Rouge Leader, and I forgot what an awesome game it was.

    Thanks for the codes Malakite, although it won't help me get my remaining Platinum medals.

    I would have to guess that the AOTC ship in the game is the Jedi Starfighter, it would be easiest for them to do, because they could take the model from Jedi Starfighter.

    BTW, I played Obi-Wan on an X-Box demo at a TRU, without a doubt, the worst game I've played in years.
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    You're welcome guys. I'm glad my talent could be put to good use.

    Just be certain to keep checking back and I'll continue to post more codes as soon as I obtain them.
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    Thumbs up

    Great work wiith the codes. Keep it up, we still need the codes for Slave I, Lanbda Shuttle, and Vader's Tie.
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    Ask and you shall recieve. Here's three more codes.

    The first one unlocks all standard levels, the second unlocks the first bonus level and the third makes the Tie Fighter an available craft.

    Go here to get them:

    Please check out the rest of that site too!

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    Alright, I have three new codes. These are also two part codes.

    !??QWTTJ (R2-D2 will not beep) - Open all normal levels {1st. part}
    CLASSIC (R2-D2 will beep) - Open all normal levels {2nd. part}

    PYST?OOO (R2-D2 will not beep) - Open first bonus level {1st.part}
    DUCKSHOT (R2-D2 will beep) - Open first bonus level {2nd. part}

    ZT?!RGBA (R2-D2 will not beep) - TIE Fighter {1st. part}
    DISPSBLE (R2-D2 will beep) - TIE Fighter {2nd. part}

    Looks like someone's trying to upstage me.
    I just posted those same codes. Good job Boba Rhett.
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    Very cool again guys. Keep up the good work. We still need some more codes for the other ships.
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    Thumbs up Great!!

    Great, with all this info i should get the remaining gold medals, but i agree...this is an extremely difficult game. So far i have 5 gold medals, 7 silver medals and 1 bronze medal. But still...i cant unlock the last mission. We'll see if we can.
    As always...........L

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    One question

    Are there platinum medals in the game?? And for that matter in the past two games?? Roqgue Squadron and Battle for Naboo. I once got a message from a friend telling me u could get the platinum medals. And now Wolfwood said he is fighting for there.
    As always...........L


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