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    Rogue Squadron 2 (secret ships)

    I found some secret ships for the game if anyone is interested. Enjoy.

    Naboo Fighter - Complete the all main objectives, 12 Training Rebel Insignias, and find the 2 secret items in the Tatooine Training Mission in all 4 time settings (dawn, day, dusk and night). The secret items are the dragon bones (all 4 time settings), Escape Pod (day only), R2-D2 (night only-destroy a sand crawler), and C-3P0 (dawn & dusk - destroy Jabba's Palace).

    TIE Fighter - Complete the all main objectives in the Imperial Academy Heist Mission after stealing the TIE in both time settings (day & night). To steal the TIE, fly to abandoned building and kill the pilot (night), or ion the communications tower and then ion the TIE that tries to flee (day). *Note* It will appear in a remote part of the hangar.

    Millenium Falcon - Get Bronze Medals or higher on all 10 original missions.

    Slave I - Get Silver Medals or higher on all 10 original missions and 2 bonus missions.

    Vader's TIE Fighter - Get Gold Medals on all 10 original missions and all 3 bonus missions.
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