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    Rogue Squadron 2 (secret ships)

    I found some secret ships for the game if anyone is interested. Enjoy.

    Naboo Fighter - Complete the all main objectives, 12 Training Rebel Insignias, and find the 2 secret items in the Tatooine Training Mission in all 4 time settings (dawn, day, dusk and night). The secret items are the dragon bones (all 4 time settings), Escape Pod (day only), R2-D2 (night only-destroy a sand crawler), and C-3P0 (dawn & dusk - destroy Jabba's Palace).

    TIE Fighter - Complete the all main objectives in the Imperial Academy Heist Mission after stealing the TIE in both time settings (day & night). To steal the TIE, fly to abandoned building and kill the pilot (night), or ion the communications tower and then ion the TIE that tries to flee (day). *Note* It will appear in a remote part of the hangar.

    Millenium Falcon - Get Bronze Medals or higher on all 10 original missions.

    Slave I - Get Silver Medals or higher on all 10 original missions and 2 bonus missions.

    Vader's TIE Fighter - Get Gold Medals on all 10 original missions and all 3 bonus missions.
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    I'd love to be able to get all those secrets, but the game is really difficult, at least the first mission is for me anyhow.

    I find the difficulty a really nice change though, the original Rogue Squadron I found a little too easy.

    Plus, I'm trying to get used to the controller, and all the different controls.
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    Exclamation Another secret ship, notes, and codes

    Lamda Shuttle - To play as the Shuttle in Triumph of the Empire and Revenge on Yavin bonus missions, recieve 10-12 gold medals on the 10 normal missions and the 2 bonus missions themselves.


    Slave I - the 2 silvers for bonus missions must be the first 2 bonus missions (Death Star Escape and The Asteroid Field).

    Vader's TIE - should be 5, not 3, bonus missions.


    LIONHEAD - Enter this code and you'll be treated to a black and white presentation of Rogue Leader. To disable it, enter the code again. The joke behind this code was that Lucasarts and Lionhead worked together on the game Black & White.

    BLAHBLAH - Makes the Audio Commentary function available in the Special Features Menu without having to earn it.

    COMPOSER - Unlocks the Music Hall in Special Features Menu.

    EXHIBIT! - Unlocks the Concept Art Gallery in Special Features Menu.

    ?INSIDER - Unlocks Documentary in Special Features Menu if you haven't done so the normal way.

    THATSME! - Unlocks Credits in Special Features Menu if you haven't done so the normal way.

    Also, if you think the game is hard now, wait to you unlock the Ace Mode Difficulty in the Special Features Menu (get all 15 gold medals). Not only is it harder, but you can now have access to even harder to obtain Platinum Medals!

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    To get the TIE in heist, kill the pilot and then complete mission during night; and ion communications tower and then TIE during day?

    Actually its not that hard anymore, I've gotten used to it. Now I'm going for medals and secrets.
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    "To get the TIE in heist, kill the pilot and then complete mission during night; and ion communications tower and then TIE during day?"

    Yeah, that is how you get it. I'll try to explain it in greater detail.

    During the night you are a Speeder. Simply dodge all the sensors till you reach the last one. There will be a fork in the road where you can go left or right of the last sensor. Take the path to the left and you will reach an abandoned building with a single parked TIE, plus you will be treated to cinema scene. Their should be a TIE Fighter Pilot near the building heading toward the TIE (looks like a black dot from a distance). Kill the pilot before he reaches the TIE. With the pilot dead, a blue rebel icon will appear above the TIE to switch ships. Just be careful not to fly too high when killing the pilot and touching the icon or the sensor will detect you. After you are the TIE, you will be safe from imperial attack until you either attack something imperial or steal the shuttle. Once you have the shuttle you must retrieve your fellow speeder pilot at abandoned building to end the mission instead of going to the meeting point. The quickest way back to your pilot is to fly to the meeting point as you would normally do. Once you reach the open canyon that is the meeting point you will notice in front of you in the canyon is a passage. Follow it and it will take you to your pilot.

    During the day you are a Y-Wing. Use your ion to disable all the sensors. Once the sensors are disabled, backtrack to the beginning of the level. To your left you will find a path when backtrack. Take it and it should take you to the TIE. I often hit those invisible barriers that make you turn several times before I actually pinpoint the exact location, so be a little patient when searching since the imperials shouldn't know that you're here yet. Eventually you will come to a canyon that is practically baron with the exception of a communication tower (satellite) and a single parked TIE Fighter. Use your ion to disable the tower. Once the tower is disabled the TIE will try to flee the scene. Ion it 2 to 3 times then wait. After the ion's side effects subside on the TIE it should make a U turn and land, so don't accidently destroy it thinking you failed to disable it quickly enough. Once it lands a blue rebel icon should appear above it allowing you to switch ships. Unlike at night, the imperials will know you stole the TIE when you reach the base, so be careful. Simply steal the shuttle now and complete the mission as you would normally do.

    If you stolen the TIE and completed the mission for both times, the TIE will now be available in the hanger. It will be in the obscure room located behind and to the right of the Millenium Falcon.

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    Advanced Shields - Death Star Attack
    It is found in the 2nd. part of the mission where you have to destroy the TIES. It is approximately 15-20 degrees to the left of your starting point. Once you reach the location, fly low near the gun turret there and you'll eventually spot the cone.

    Advanced Proton Torpedoes - Ison Corridor Ambush
    Right as you start, fly down. Just below the Frigate is a clump of
    debris. If you look closely, you can see a square hole in the debris. Fly through the hole to get the cone

    Advanced Lasers - Battle of Hoth
    Fly back to where the Shield Generator used to be before being destroyed and you'll find the cone.

    Advanced Cluster Missiles - Prisons of the Maw
    On your way between the weapons depot and the comms towers, you'll see off to your right a cluster of two structures: a dish, and a dome. Bomb the dome, and you'll find the cone inside.

    Advanced Proton Bombs - Razor Rendezvous
    Off to the port side of the Star Destroyer (far side from where you
    start) is a Lambda Shuttle making a break for it. Destroy it to get the cone.

    Homing Proton Torpedoes - Vengeance on Kothlis
    The cone is inside the Star Destroyer. Specifically it's in the bridge tower. Fly slow as you come up on the front of the tower and enter a hole on the left portion. It's inside, but you may die
    trying to get out.

    Advanced Concussion Missiles - Imperial Academy Heist (Day)
    There are large concrete hangars around the academy. Fly into the east hangar (if the Shuttle's considered to be in the north area) to collect the cone.

    Spread Proton Bombs - Imperial Academy Heist (Night)
    There are large concrete hangars around the academy. Fly into the west hangar (if the Shuttle's considered to be in the north area) to collect the cone.

    Homing Concussion Missiles - Raid on Bespin
    Above the second set of platforms is an tubular Imperial Gas Freighter. Gun it down, and the cone will appear on the nearest platform. You may need to gun down some gas containers to find it.

    Homing Cluster Missiles - Battle of Endor
    You can actually pick this up at any time during this 2nd. part of the battle, but it's easier to find after you destroy the Star Destroyer on the left. Once you bust it open, it'll pitch down towards the planet and hang in an odd position. Fly near the Star Destroyer's hangar, or around the area, and you'll find the cone. The cone is actually in that arbitrary point in space from the moment you enter the 2nd. part, but it's far easier to pick it up when you have the crumbling Star Destroyer as a reference point.

    Advanced Targeting Computer - Strike at the Core
    On the last tunnel before the main reactor (you'll know it because you'll see blue shimmering at the end), there will be a series of pipes bracketing the lower right corner of the tunnel. Fly under these pipes and under the last one, you'll find the cone.
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    Lamda Shuttle - Where can i see a picture of this ?

    This is all cool stuff, because the game is really hard. I hope some passcodes come up, because there is no possible way I am going to get all gold medals.
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    The shuttle is in the imperial hanger. You have to playing either imperial bonus mission to see it. The only reason I consider this a secret ship is because it is technically like the Falcon in the normal hanger. They are both there from the get go, but can't be played until you have a certain type and number of medals. As far as pics on the web, I don't know of any off the top of my head. One other thing, in the imperial hanger if you look up at the ceiling in between the Shuttle and TIE Advance you will see a TIE Bomber.

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    Thumbs up

    Very cool, thanks for the info. I hope i get there soon.
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    Just give me the infinite lives, infinite shields, unlock all levels and unlock all ships codes and I'll be happy. The first level of this game is almost ridiculously hard and I'm sick of seeing that movie intro because I die every ten minutes.

    BTW, I actually had my game lock up on me once. It happened after I died so it didn't interupt gameplay; but the screen went blank and the music just kept playing. I couldn't even reset, I had to power off then turn it back on. Anybody else have this kind of problem?
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