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    The City Of New York vs. Homer Simpson

    What is the deal with this episode of The Simpsons, is it actually banned from being shown again, or are they waiting for a better time to show it?

    I downloaded it at the weekend because I have not seen it since around 2000. There is not actually anything that could be taken as offensive, if anything it makes you remember the twin towers.

    Will it be shown again?
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    I don't think it's banned, just not being aired. I'm sure it will show up on DVD soon. It's one of the funniest episodes ever, and I think sometime soon people will again be ready to laugh about choosing crabjuice over Mountain Dew.
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    I forgot to mention it is a very funny episode. This episode was the climax, it was downhill from then on.
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    This is one of my least-favorite episodes and starts the downward slide the show is currently in, but they have shown it in syndication here a couple times in the last year or so.
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    I loved this episode! The image of watching Homer driving with the wheel boot on still makes me laugh. Great stuff.
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    I love this episode. There is something rather delightful (though saddening) when the guys in the towers yell back and forth at each other.

    "They put all the jerks in tower 1!"

    It was funny at the time (still is to me) and it makes me remember when the towers were still there, which i can't help but feel somewhat proud and nostalgic about something that was so grand and once stood in NYC. I do remember when this was aired the day OF the terrorist attacks on my local fox station. They cut in during the middle and there was darkness for about 10 min, when it popped on, it was the Stonecutters episode and it was right at the part where they paint the building sky blue and that chopper hits it. I think somebody realized this error, cause once the chopper hit, about 5 seconds later, it cut to commercial and came back w/ another episode.
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