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    What's the deal with the White Stripes?

    Just about everyone I know who's a big music fan won't shut up about how awesome the White Stripes' new album is. Two friends in particular who have pretty wide tastes in music (everything from jazz to country to heavy metal) have told me that it's one of the best CDs of all time. Rolling Stone magazine appears to agree.

    And yet, whenever I hear one of their songs on the radio, it sounds like a bass-laden novelty song: like two twits with limited musical talent turning out a couple of catchy songs that are hummable but not particularly good. The redheaded stepchild of Primus and the Breeders.

    So I can't help but wonder: is there more to the White Stripes than meets the eye, and they actually are good underneath their stupid gimmicks? Or, as I suspect, are there subliminal messages hidden in the tracks that make otherwise normal people think they like this latter-day alternative drivel?
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    i too hate the white stripes and anyy othe danish/swedish could they be popular the pluck strings and talk thats it!
    while with heavy metal there actually singing or atleast screaming to a beat and arent jsut plucking strings.
    White stripes are trash in opinion.
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    I must be too old, then. I said, I MUST BE TOO OLD! I find their music to be a perfect blend. That is, they blend in with several other bands, such as The Strokes, The Hives, The Nasty Underarm Rashes, etc. I see them as nothing different, just louder and more annoying. To say that they are cutting edge or unique is a stretch to me.

    I'll go back to my 45s of Glen Miller and Fabian now... because that's easier than admitting I like Phil Collins, Hootie and the Blowfish, Janet and Michael Jackson, Level 42, Bruce Hornsby, Asia, Styx, Living Colour, Smashing Pumpkins, Stone Temple Pilots, Sarah McLaughlin, Natalie Merchant, MC Hammer, ...
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    I have the latest White Stripes album ("Elephant") and have been listening to it quite a bit. The Danish comment I don't get - Holly's from England and Jack is from Detroit. The influences here are pretty wide, I can hear a some Queen and Rolling Stones coming through along with the punk influence. It's more than just screaming and pounding on instruments, that's for sure. There are no "dead areas" on the record, Im able to listen straight through without skipping a track - uncommon for me these days even with bands and records I really like. The comparisons to the Strokes and Hives are easy to make, based on appearance and the current popularity of "Lo-Fi Nouveau" but there is little to no ska sound to the White Stripes. Classic Rock with an edgy twist, I recommend downloading a few tracks of the album and listening without the video accompaniement before writing them off.

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    Drain STH is Swedish, and they rock.

    I'm not sure I'm saying I hate the White Stripes, just curious if there's a reason they're getting such acclaim. The three tracks I've heard (Seven-Nation Army, The Hardest Button to Button, and Fell in Love with a Girl) aren't bad, but they're just a dude screaming over repetitive basslines. Hardly the second coming, methinks.

    From what I've heard, it seems odd that critics applaud this, and yet Pete Yorn is still a relative unknown, even with his second awesome album hitting shelves and getting a little radio place recently. I think I'll see if I can borrow a friend's copy (downloading is pretty much impossible on my computer) and see if the rest is more of the same.
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    How could you possibly hate a record that gives great advice like:


    Good stuff.

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    I haven't heard the album, I saw them live a while back at one of the little clubs around here. I didn't know who they were and they hadn't really hit yet ... I thought they were great. They're popularity is (like most bands) probably pretty much PR driven, but they do have a nice punchy basic rock and roll sound. No doubt they're success is something of a backlash to many of the other "acts" that we're being tortured with at the moment. The White Stripes, as it turns out, really can play music and they play it loud ... if they're album is any reflection of what I saw on stage, then I'm not surprised that they're doing well.

    The really funny thing is, I have a friend that played a gig with them ages ago ... he's in this garage band with his wife and that night they wore these white and red matching outfits. Hah, years later he's looking at one of the White Stripes' singles covers or something and ...

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    take any of the 'The xxxxxs' bands that are so hot now and my opinion of them is the same - trash. strokes, donnas, white stripes, hives - haven't found one yet with music i'd really consider listening to. i too must be too old to appreciate it can't get into good charlotte, sum 41, avril any of todays psuedo punk scene.

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    I think they're getting alot of attention because they aren't the typical rap/metal mix that's already crapping up the airwaves.

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    I just think bands like the TWS are of a style that music folks love to herald them as being cool for no other reason than that they are different. They aren't totally mainstream so they aren't considered pop and therefore people think they are just a bit cooler for liking a "pure" band.

    Hearing people talk about these "THE" bands reminds me of those music snobs who KNOW who the best bands are. They are always incredibly rare, only put out one album, only do shows in the smallest venues and never get played on the radio. Sometimes you'll know or even like a band that these snobs mention but they'll one up you by quoting their best work as an import album from Finland that came out before they were big. "I knew them before they were big."

    The White Stripes is a band that even moderate music listeners can WOW other people with by saying they listen to them. It's catchy music but I don't think its anything to write home about.
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