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    The Episode III Jedi High Council

    Who do you want to see sitting on the Jedi High Council in Episode III?

    So far we have confirmed from the official site:

    Mace Windu
    Ki-Adi Mundi
    Plo Koon
    Seassee Tiin
    Shaak Ti

    That leaves six places, a few weeks back I was reading a discussion about Obi-Wan sitting on the Jedi council, at first I hated the idea, but thinking about it, he is the only Jedi to have faced two Sith Lords and even kill one while he was still a Padawan, I think he deserves a little recognition, so I think that seat 7 should go to Obi-wan Kenobi.

    Next up, Luminara Unduli always seamed to be at every serious meeting in Episode II, as did Kit Fisto, so I think they should take up seats 8 and 9.

    That leaves three seats, I think that one old jedi should get one of the last three, so we have:

    Oppo Rancisis: Could appear, no actor needed to resemble the origional, they could just get someone else to dress in the suit or use CG

    Even Piel: Also could appear, no similar actor needed, just a suit.

    Depa Billaba: Definatly not, that's if they've learned from the Adi Gallia mistake that is.

    Oppo Rancisis: NO, he's dead

    Yaddle: Also dead

    Coleman Trebor: Almost certainly dead!

    I REALLT DON'T want to see

    Staass Allie: It would be so obvious that she is just a last minute replacement for Adi Gallia

    Agen Kolar: Same reason

    The Son Of Coleman Trebor: Rob Coleman was quoted saying he would like to see him on the council and a lot of you agreed, I think this would look silly!

    Out of that little lot I choose Oppo Rancisis for seat 10, he is so cool!

    Places 11 and 12, I think should go to two completely new Jedi, maybe one alien, one human!

    So the Episode III council should look like this:

    Mace Windu
    Ki-Adi Mundi
    Plo Koon
    Saessee Tiin
    Shaak Ti
    Luminara Unduli
    Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Oppo Rancisis
    Kit Fisto
    New Jedi #1 (Human)
    New Jedi #2 (Alien)

    Who would you like to see on the Episode III Jedi Council?
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    Eeth Koth died on Geonosis when his Gunship blowed up real good.

    Depa Billaba wents completely nuts in Shatterpoint and is being tried for crimes against civilization, so unless George wants to okay something and almost immediately negate it, she won't return. (Not saying George won't do that, of course, as he seems to sorta enjoy it.)

    Fisto is a Master, and his grin coupled with his totally buff body would certainly win him a seat. In all seriousness, though, given his prominence in the Battle of Geonosis (several shots, including the infamous "save C-3PO and smile for the camera") and other cameos in AOTC (as well as starring in at least one episode of Clone Wars), it's almost given he'll be on the Council.

    Luminara was a bit less prominent in AOTC, but is a probable choice as well.

    I think the unconfirmed previous members should be gone (Depa and Eeth definitely included) to give even casual viewers the sense that many Jedi have died.

    An EU Jedi would be an awesome Easter egg for the fans. Given that Qui-Gon was kept from the Council for disagreeing with their methods (and perhaps the same thing kept Dooku from sitting on the Council), it's unlikely Quinlan Vos or the Dark Woman would be the choice. Aayla Secura or Quinlan's Master (can't think of his name) might be good choices, or Kieran Halcyon if the timeline permits him to still be alive at this point. Doubtful that fan fave A'Sharad Hett would be more than a fledgeling Knight by E3, even if Lucas wanted to confuse the Tusken issue by including him.

    Ki-Adi was a Knight in TPM and sources differ concerning his rank in AOTC, so Obi-Wan isn't too farfetched a choice.
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    I thought they said Agen Kolar and Stass Allie are going to be on the council. I mean it's not so farfetched, they were both in the Battle of Geonosis and survived.

    I didn't even know Eeth was on Geonosis. Where did you hear this, Caesar?
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    Coleman Trebor dead?I could sworn I read somewhere that he was just "seriously injured"? and lived

    I say Obi-Wan will get on the Council,he's proved himself in my opinion.I'm sure we shall see a new Jedi or two introduced as well.
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    Although in life he didn't always agree with the council, perhaps Qui-Gon's spirit will have a place on there . I know it would mean George having to explain it a bit more, but it could be done when the "disappearing Jedi" thing is resolved.

    Rob Coleman said that Trebor was just injured, but I really hope he was joking/wishful thinking. Coleman was one of my fave Jedi in AOTC, but I don't think he should be brought back alive. Although the EU may explain him being alive, visually he was killed in AOTC, so to casual watchers of Star Wars it would be confusing .

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    Why not only the six as listed by Jek Porky? Showing just the six would demonstrate how much of a toll the Clone Wars has had on the Jedi order. Just a thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jek Porky 2002
    Oppo Rancisis: NO, he's dead
    I meant Yareal Poof, I always get confused with them names!
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    Did Eeth Koth really die in AOTC??
    The way I have it:
    1 Yoda
    2 Mace
    3 Plo
    4 Ki-Adi
    5 Saesee
    6 Shaak
    7 Adi (is she still alive?) if so, new character here!
    8 Depa or Luminara
    9 Even
    10 Oppo
    11 Kenobi
    12 Kit
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    Eeth wasn't seen in AOTC as far as I know. The Zabrak was another (Agen Kolar?).

    According to Inside the Worlds of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones: The Complete Guide to the Incredible Locations from Episode II, Eeth died when his Gunship was destroyed.
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    Seven. Yoyo green dude, Mace diggity, Ki-Adi daddio, Plo, Sassy, Mummefied Yaddle just for show, Madame Jo' Nunu. Maybe some punkazz kid fresh outa the trials and hot with enthusiasm and eager to please and just a wee yes man. George likes those.

    I'd actually like to see more non-bipedal jedi that resemble more abstract forms like having a big jellyfish Jedi, or a contained plasma field that's sentient, Tentacles are as good as arms. Maybe a four leged jedi or an insectoid like Jedi. Anything other than a guy in a rubber suit or a CGI version of a guy in a funny mask. Representatives of all the galaxy have been Jedi so why are they all bipedal and humanoid looking?


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