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    Talking Hyperspace: Anthony Daniels Chat Last Night!

    Well I was away all last week, so this was the first online chat I didn't take part in (although he DID answer one of my unanswered questions from the previous chat ).

    Here's some Episode III info revealed by him (although not much):
    - C-3PO says "Damage" at some point in the movie (Tony argued with Lucas to change it from "Hurt").
    - 3PO has scenes with Palpatine.
    - The fight scenes are "thrilling and frightening"

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    3PO and Palpatine, eh? I wonder what that would be.

    What is the deal with the damage/hurt thing?
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    Tony said something about Threepio not liking the word "hurt" in the script at some point in the movie and pretty much strong armed Lucas into letting him change it to "Damage". That's all, that chat had pretty much no spoilers but he did answer one of my questions
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    Perhaps Palpatine wipes C3_PO's memory.


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