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    Thumbs up Hasbro Announces: R1-G4, R2-D2: Bartender, Rappertunie!!!

    If you didn't see it on the front page, prepare to dance for joy. Another of the Fan Choice Figure losers is being produced. Along with an often requested version of everyone's favorite Astromech Droid. And the harmonica playing frog. Damn, 2004 is gonna be an expensive and great year for Star Wars fans. Might be the best year ever. After all, this blows away the POTJ line so far even. Atleast in my opinion.
    HASBRO SAGA: New Figs & More News From Hasbro Q&A Session

    2 highly-requested droids (sorry, not R5-D4 though) and a harmonica player were just announced.

    This news comes straight from the floor of the 2003 Chicago Wizard World convention, from the "Playing with Hasbro" Q&A session that just wrapped up. A few new Star Wars figures were announced, specifically:

    R1-G4 (the 6'-tall astromech droid seen in ANH)

    R2-D2 with drink tray (as seen in ROTJ)

    Rappertunie (the Shawda Ubb harmonica player in the Max Rebo band as seen in ROTJ: Special Edition)

    Other news from the Hasbro Q&A: Clone Wars Kit Fisto will have articulated ankles and ball-jointed shoulders to make him look like he's swimming; Hasbro announced that there will be no 12" Clone Wars figures; and the newest Saga packaging with the gold border will continue for 2004.

    After the Q&A session, SirSteve got a moment to talk with Hasbro, who said that the Jabba the Hutt coming out next year will be from ROTJ, rather than ANH:SE or the prequels.

    Stay tuned for more coverage of the 2003 Chicago Wizard World convention.
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    R2 Bartender has been on my want list for a LONG time, and R1 will be awesome!
    Hasbro, Wuher needs help, bring us Ackmena

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    Awesome! That has been my most wanted droid since I was a kid. Lets hope they get his size right. Big is good.

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    Rappertunie is a lot bigger than I thought. He'll be bigger than a podracer figure probably and then there's his combined water organ and flute accessory that he'll be sculpted to sit on. He should be a quite impressive little guy.
    BAR2-D2 will be a figure I'll wait for clearance sales before buying him unless he comes with something extra.
    But R1-G4 is well worth the wait then. Like droidekas2 I've wanted this guy since I was a kid and it's great news that he's finally being made. Wonder what articulation he'll have? Rotating head obviously, perhaps some extending arms? wheels in his base so he can trundle around? An extending head? power coupling cables and industrial tools? It's gonna be good to have him though.

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    That sounds sweet. I am happy that Jabba is ROTJ. BAR2-D2(I like that Jargo) is a long awaited figure. A 6 foot astromech droid aounds pretty good. I hope they size him right. The frog harmonica dude is nice. Ijust need the rest of the band now.
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    A Rappertunie? Did you say a rappertunie? LOL! I thought that Hasbro would NEVER make this guy. YESSS! He will go nicely with my set of Max Rebo Band pairs (Wal-Mart exclusives).
    R1-G4...are they serious? It is about time! They had better make him big! I will be disappointed if he is R2's size. IF I find these I will pick up one of each!

    JJB, I agree with you. 2004 is looking the be the best year ever for
    Star Wars toys. Think about all of the classic figures we have wanted for a long time that we are getting...Dodonna, Antilles, Rieekan, R1, (Special Edition) Rappertunie, and Dignitaries. YESSSSS! I had better start saving some $$$$$$$$$$$$$
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    Rappertunie and R1 very awesome!BAR2-D2 sounds very nice as well,at least we are finally seeing one put into production.
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    Rappertunie?! YAY!
    If Yoda is capable of kicking someone's @$$, imagine what a muppet could do!

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    ...and there was much rejoicing. Yeah!

    Isn't Rappertuine a little small to be by himself? He better come with a bunch of accessories.
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    I'm very happy.

    R1-G4 I've wanted ever since they had him in a fan poll (lost to Ephant Mon I believe - which we all lived quite comfortably with).

    I don't care if he does nothing or has no moving parts IF AND ONLY IF they could double pack him with even another droid - even if it's RA-7 (repainted DS Droid from Sandcrawler). Or an R5-D4 for all of you that want HIM so bad. R1 is basically a prop, so I'd maximize the pack-in potential with him, and I don't mean another Jawa!

    Rappertune is a surprise - but a great one.

    A while back, SirSteves did a very comprehensive poll for characters from Jabba the Hutt's.

    About 6 out of the 12 characters vied very closely for the top votes.

    They ranked:

    1) Yarna Dal Garan (fat dancer)
    2) Hermie Odel (the uh...blood drooling whatever)
    3) Bubo the frog-dog
    4) J'Quille (the Whipid who Hasbro's main designer wants to do very badly!)
    6) Sgt. Doallyn (tank head guard, that furry hands throw when Boussh enters)

    You can review of 831 of you all voted on that poll and see their pictures here:

    Rappertune tied with Sgt. Doallyn, and they were the tail-end of the successful vote-getters from Jabba's Palace.

    This gives me strong hope that 2004 will have us see so many characters from Jabba's that I've always wanted, including as many of the Top 12 pictured at the link above as possible. Woof is a vintage figure never even modernized (Kenner's original Klaatu).

    Man this rings like good news!
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