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    X-mas ornamments

    Do you display your ornaments all year? How?

    I've had mine up all year since I started collecting them in '97, always on a strand of lights.

    Over the last year or so I've become increasingly unhappy w/ the way it looks where they were. I recently installed a ceiling fan, and the ornaments had to move/ come down.

    I'm not sure if I want to try to heng them elsewhere, but I know that I don't want the light strand up. There are a couple of ornaments that I definitely want displayed though: Naboo fighter, Millenium Falcon, Han and Chewie, even Qui Gon looks supierior to most action fig sculpts.
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    I do not keep mine displayed all year. But I do have some suggestions. First, if you go to a Hallmark type store you can find wire ranks that hang about eight figures on them. That's one way. For the effect vehicles, I used a light strand but blacked out the bulbs inbetween them. Remove, replace, make them stars. Whatever. Miniatures, I always put together. Just a couple suggestions.

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    I keep mine in boxes till christmas, where and when I pay homage to them as I pull them out and hang them on their very own tree.. been like that for that last few years anyhow.. I dont se it changing anytime soon. I have waaay to much on display already..
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    That's pretty much what I do also. It just makes it better.

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    I only bring out the few that I have and proudly display them on the tree each Christmas. I am by far the coolest guy in this building.
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    I lug out the chest and put on the ones I want on the tree during Christmas time only. I have enough between the Star Wars and Star Trek ornaments to cover the whole front half of the tree.
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    What christmas ornaments are you guys buying? I've seen everything from Pirates of the Caribbean ball ornaments to Superman, My Little Pony, and Scooby Doo.

    I really like these these classic toy christmas ornaments by Basic Fun. You can find them at K-Mart, Wal-Mart, and TRU. The ornaments are based on classic toys from Fisher-Price and Hasbro, and cost around 5-6 bucks. You can get Play-Doh, Operation, Monopoly, Mr. Potato Head, stackable rings, and even the push toy with the popping balls inside.

    I picked up a Clue boardgame ornament with a tree, fireplace, and stockings filled with murder weapons. Since Hasbro is one of the licensees, I'd love to see some vintage Kenner SW toys done as ornaments. Check out the mock-up I made from the Clue ornament with a miniature model of the Death Star playset beside the tree. I'd buy that in a heartbeat.
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    I picked up an ornament at Target last week, a pink lawn flamingo with a santa hat and holding a candy cane, it's glass with metal legs and just so tacky-funny I couldn't resist even at $5. They had another one wearing a hawaiian shirt, but nothing xmasy about that.
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    I've only got one Star Wars ornament...that is the Vader one from Hallmark several years back..the talking one.

    I also have 3 Superman ornaments.
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    I have 2 Star Trek ornaments - talking Shuttlecraft Galileo and light-up TOS Enterprise, they're the only sci-fi xmas ornaments I ever put on the tree.
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    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

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