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    Looks like new animated figs are on the way.

    Well i just heard at glatichunter hasbro is planning on makeing animated figs check out the message

    "Mike Sullenger over at Wizard World Chicago isn't the only Galactic Hunter out there sniffing around for news. Our Galactic spies have confirmed that Hasbro is, in fact, developing a line of Clone Wars figures based on the animated series. The figures will be sculpted in the style of the Cartoon Network's upcoming Clone Wars cartoon shorts, they will be sculpted in the 3 3/4" scale that is the standard for Star Wars figures, and they will be packaged on new cards based on the animated series. We will have more on this line of toys as it develops. "

    Well there you have it, I may not get some of the animated figs except for Yoda,3PO and R2 whos know maby they will neat.... or not? any way what are your thoughts
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    Sweet, I want a cartoony Battle Droid.

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    This will be very weird. I suppose it could be cool, though . . . But they're already making figures based on the show (Pilot Anakin, Mace with gauntlets, swimming Kit) so why would they also do it all cartoony? Somehow I doubt this will pull through.
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    That's odd, I thought Hasbro said they weren't making more CW figures.
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    Sounds pretty redudant. The only way I could see an interest in these figures is if they were a special boxset or something. But a whole other assortment? No.. We already have the Saga line with TPM/AOTC/Trilogy and the Clone Wars line, I doubt they'd have the Cartoon CW line. Especially since there's nothing they could really do to make them really wanted.

    Also after the Concept Sketch Trooper, I don't think they can translate drawing styles very well.
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    I think it's just a misinterpereted report. I think you need to check your protocol droid for a short circuit.
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    I love the idea of them coming out with cartoon versions of our heroes/villians! I collect the vintage figs from the old Ewoks and Droids cartoons and LOVE the cards. I don't think there are better cards out there which beat the scene-specific/character-specific cards of the vintage cartoon series. I hope Hasbro gives these cards the extra treatment too.

    I may be odd - OK, it's a given; I am odd - but, I'm more stoked about the cartoon figs than I am about anything else I've seen this year - and that includes all the new stuff. (Don't get me wrong, I'm excited about it all. My personal preference just has me more excited for the cartoon critters.) I'm sure the crazy reaction to the ComicCon showing was the extra bit of nudge to get Hasbro to make these.

    Can't wait for these!


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    I read the report too and I'm not totally sold on the cartoon concept or believe it to be true yet.

    I for one, wouldn't bother with the cartoon style figs. I don't care for the animator of the cartoon, and I sure wouldn't willing contribute to his pocket book.

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    If they've got Kit, Sassy, Durge, etc, from the cartoon in realistic figures, why do cartoony ones as well? It don't make no sense.
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    Well, the pics I've seen from the toon, a toon Yoda, Mace, and Obi-Wan would be way too cool! That look of Yoda's is awesome and would make a sweet figure.

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