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    Past Fan's Choice Poll Contestants

    Well, with the recent comicons we have been told that we will be getting quite a few of the figures from the past fan's choice polls: Yarel Poof (2nd poll) will be coming in a screen scene, Even Piell (3rd poll) will be coming also in a screen scene, General Rieekan (3rd poll) will be coming as a deluxe in the Hoth wave, R1-G4 (3rd poll) will be coming in the Tatooine wave, Gen. Rieekan (3rd + 4th poll) will be coming as a single carded figure, Imperial Dignitary (4th poll) will be coming carded, and the Imperial Sketchtrooper( 4th poll winner) is of course being manufactured.

    This is quite a nice move on Hasbro's part to give us all of these wanted figures in such a short time. It also clears out the ranks for when they have to pick the choices for the 5th poll.

    Bom vimdim is the only character left unmade from the 1st poll. Perhaps he will be coming in a future announcement as being part of the Tatooine Wave. There are no Cantina aliens announced yet for that wave and there should be at least one in there as far as I am concerned.

    Admiral Ozzel, Ben Q., and Major Derlin are the 3 left from the 2nd poll. Perhaps Ozzle will be announced as coming in the Star Destroyer wave. Quadinaros wont be coming since he is from a prequel. Derlin, where would he fit in??

    The Twi'lek masseuse is the only remaining character from the 3rd poll. I would welcome them/her as a figure but they are part of the prequels and wouldnt fit in the original trilogy waves that are coming out in 04.

    The remaining 2 from the 4th poll dont concern me at all. I dont care if they ever are made as figures. nym, I'll pass. rebel soldier as scout trooper was a waste as a choice and can easily be made as a custom.

    I just think it is great that we are getting all of these past contestants as figures soon. great move on Hasbro's part.

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    Sometimes it will make me wonder why they even do a fans choice poll if they will all be made eventually. I enjoy the whole thing dont get me wrong, but why the whole big vote if they will all be made? ACK, go figure?
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    Guess it's just to see which one everyone wants to see made first.

    The next one should be an all droids poll, and a pray that the Pilot Battle Droid (it's the only type of BD to not have a carded release) is on it, even though no one would probably vote for it except me.

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    Bom Vimdim and Admiral Ozzel are all i require now from the fan's choices. Ozzel may come in the star destroyer wave next year and Bom Vimdim should have been in the cantina bar wave instead of cruddy Evazan. Evazan should have been completely retooled to look like the movie character.
    I'd take a Bom Vimdim over Ozzel though. Ozzel would make a nice figure but Vimdim is more visually interesting and at least has some colour to him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Battle Droid
    The next one should be an all droids poll, and a pray that the Pilot Battle Droid (it's the only type of BD to not have a carded release) is on it, even though no one would probably vote for it except me.
    Gah! No!!! I love most droid figures, I'd hate to have to choose 1 to get made thus potentially eliminating 4 others.
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