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    Should Hayden C. have been in TPM?

    I think it would have been better for the entire series. My point in asking this question is NOT to slam Jake Lloyd, because as JediTricks just stated in a post, Lloyd himself is not to blame for a subpar result.

    I see why Lucas wanted Ani as a child, and I believe he sought to show the young character as a true innocent - thus making his fall all the more tragic. Instead, I feel Anakin should have been a teenager for the sake of continuity.

    The prequels do not have a real trilogy feel to me. I believe that when completed, Episodes II and II will go hand in hand, while TPM will be . . . . . . . . . distant. I think that if the same actor played Anakin in all three, we could better follow the character. Hayden (or someone else) could have played a 15 year old Anakin at age 17, and a few years later I'm sure a 25 year old Anakin would be very believable. It wouldn't change the storyline, in fact I think it would enhance Yoda's ESB claim that Luke is too old.

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    The same way Padme ages ten years between films? It's amazing how clothing, make-up and hairstyle can add or subtract years.

    You present an intriguing point. I personally had no problems with Jake Loyd or a younger Anakin, but to have Anakin and Padme be closer in years would make their actual relationship seem less creepy. As if Luke and Leia's wasn't creepy enough.

    However, with only one movie down and two to go I'm still undecided. Just wait right there, I'll get back to you after I've watched Episode 3.
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    the master jedi
    Hayden in TPM? Thoe would have been great make-up artists to make a person in his late teena look like a 9 year old boy unless Lucas had actually thought this out and made Anakin and Padme closer in age.

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    I agree he should have been older and the two closer to the same age.
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    After reading the Ep I Illustrated Screenplay and looking at many of the Anakin drawings in it, I really am convinced that Lucas intially had a young teenager in mind for the part of Anakin Skywalker, then played it down to 9. Now, if Lucas had cast a 9-year-old or shot all Anakin's scenes with Jake Lloyd when he was actually 9 instead of 7 (take a look at my post in this thread: "Who's better Maul or Vader?" to see more on this), I could have accepted Lloyd as Anakin in Ep 1. However, I still believe a 12 to 14 year old should have been playing the Anakin part, it would have felt more natural than the 7 year old.

    I don't know what Hayden looked like back in '97, but I bet he could have pulled off the Anakin character in a much more belivable way without changing one other thing about Ep 1 (except for the "kiddie" dialogue like yippee and such) based on his age at the time, the character's situations in that film, and his role as padawan Anakin in Eps 2 and 3.
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    Lucas said a 9 year old leaving his mother is more of an emotional upheaval than a 12 year old doing so...
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    Eternal Padawan's point is well-put. But let Lucas decide if he wants to "Greedo-shoots-first-Luke-screams-Fett-just-walks-by-and-nods" Hayden into TPM:SE. No, Anakin needed to be younger, as Master Lloyd was, in TPM.
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    I agree... Anakin would have started soing through his "rebellious" teen years and probably would have been happy to leave mom behind. The fact that Ani was under the age of ten and still felt a closeness to his mom.

    Plus, they wouldn't want to make him TOO old for the council to allow training after Qui-Gon's death. They already had issues about his age. Imagine the issues they would have had if he had been even 4 years older.
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    I like that he had Anakin as an innocent child. This makes his fall from grace so much more dark. On the other hand, I hate when different actors play the same character in a movie. That's life i guess.
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    I makes more sense to have a different actor play Anakin in the next 2 movies 'cause ep.2 takes place 10 years after TPM. It would be really hard to make a 10 year old Jake Lloyd play a 20 year old Anakin in ep.2. It's easy for Portmans character to look older cause she didn't really need to grow any taller. All they need to do to her is to add some make-up.

    Buy yeah, I agree with you. I hate it when they get different actore to play the same person in movie sequels. Except for the 007 movies.


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