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    Good-by Herb Brooks...we'll miss ya...

    Its a sad night for the State of Minnesota and the US Hockey community today.

    Herb Brooks died in a car accident this afternoon on his way home from a charity golf tourny.

    I grew up a few blocks away from Herbs old place and right now the Eastside of St. Paul, and all of the Minnesota hockey community and NHL is devistated. Every where you go, every station has news and old players and friends calling in...I don't think I've had a dry eye since I heard the news.

    Good-by Herby, we'll miss you and thank you for the Miracle on Ice...

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    How sad! I hadn't heard that news.

    His "miracle" was a great patriotic shot in the arm. People in the 80's never had much chance to expience that feeling.
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    I heard it on the radio. He will be missed. He did a lot for hockey
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    What a sad way to go. He left quite a mark on our society.
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    Herb was a master motivator and deserves a lot of credit for convinving his young team of rag-tag college kids that they had the potential of beating a dominant team such as the Soviet Red Army team. If there is any coach that deserves an Olympic medal for his actions it was Herb. He will be missed and his legacy as the coach of the team that achieved the greatest upset in all of U.S. sports has been cemented.
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    Besides his remarkable olympic memories, he was quite the college coach. He lead the Golden Gophers to 3 National titles, helped to start and coach St. Cloud State's hockey program, but most of all his continued roll in the community he grew up in. He never forgot his roots and where he came from and what made him who he was.

    You could be at the VFW when he was there for a dinner or hanging out with friends or for some charity, and he'd talk to anyone about anything. He wasn't above anyone else and never acted that way. He always had time and patients to chat with fans or strangers.

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    I was really shocked when I heard the news. To me he's as important to hockey as Gretzky, Roy, or Scotty Bowman.

    I wonder if and how this will affect the US national hockey program.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandalorian Candidat
    I was really shocked when I heard the news. To me he's as important to hockey as Gretzky, Roy, or Scotty Bowman.

    I wonder if and how this will affect the US national hockey program.
    I don't know. He reluctantly took the reigns for the last olympics. He never did feel it was right for professionals to play in the olympics. He was always a purist at heart and felt it should have remained in amature hands, since they had more desire and heart to play for their country then some professional who's doing it for fun.

    It will be interesting to see what, if anything does come from all this.

    Some of my friends and their dad's who knew him well went to the memorial today, and I guess it was quite the site to see all the old players, current players, and big shots of the game that where there.

    I guess every team sent flowers and other items to the family.

    I'm still waiting for the gov. to make a day Herb Brooks days.


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