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    Spoiler Images from Episode III.

    Since my image posts in the "What we KNOW..." thread seem to be largely overlooked, I thought I would start a separate thread for them. I am going to post things that look "curious" or interesting. I hope the images spark some conversations. These images have been passed onto me by people who have the time to "sketch" out some interesting pics found floating around in hyperspace.

    A Helmet?

    A Corridor?
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    That first image looks an awful lot like a prototype helmet for Darth Vader. Or perhaps it belongs to a new breed of Clonetrooper. After all, it was stated that we'd see pieces of Vader's armor on different people in the film. Maybe Anakin modifies this after his turn to the Dark Side?
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    The second pic reminds me of the shape of the halls in the Death Star. But that first one is very strange.
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    The second one looks awfully strangly familiar to the hallway Obi-Wan walks down when over looking the clones on Kamino in Ep. II. or at least, thats what I picked up. Another thing might be a star destroyer bridge. It can't be anything else I think cuz it has the windows on both sides.
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    Adding to my theory on the picture in another thread (that it looked similar to the waiting room on the Trade Federation ship where Kenobi and Jinn were taken at the beginning of TPM), it now has a large table surrounded by chairs.
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    I can't quite get to my Art of Star Wars books at the moment, but I'd swear that the helmet in that first pic looks an awful lot like some of the original concept designs for Vader; particularly the face mask portion.

    There are also some images of rebel pilots both in the Art of books and in my original Star Wars Portfolio that look remarkably similar.

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    That first pic totally reminds me of Space Balls.
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    From the Set Diary from yesterday...
    "Those sets have been torn down, and now, a dark gray conference room with hard, angular lines is coming together..." That could be what we are looking at in the second picture.
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    Quote Originally Posted by evenflow
    That first pic totally reminds me of Space Balls.
    Yea, I agree. That helmet looks more like Dark Helmet than Darth Vader . Still cool. I does look a lot like the original concepts that I've sceen too. I guess it looks funny becasue the helmet looks so huge. Should be interesting to see how it plays out.

    Talk about an Easter egg hunt. Can you imgine watching the movie trying to find all the parts to Vaders suit. Sounds like fun to me.
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    Over at the force .net they have a comic image that's now up at the OS as a side bar image which shows vader behind a guy wearing a breathing mask without helmet but with a shaved head. It just may be that the pic above is the first version of the famous vader helmet. A preliminary design cobbled together to keep the guy alive but something he had refined as time went on. If I recall the main design for vader was without a mask back when they first discussed him. The helmet was only supposed to be worn for space faring. But when they saw what the costume looked like with the helmet they decided to make that his final look. So if they now go back to the original which would allow us to still see that it's Hayden Christensen the star of the movie and box office draw it would make sense. The teen appeal of Hayden is a cash cow to LFL and the distributors. It makes no sense to have him covered up in a helmet completely because it could just be anybody in the suit then. Having Hayden visible makes for prettier visuals even if his face is covered in scar make-up. Do you follow my meaning? If they don't show Hayden as vader masked then it keeps it a surprise when he's unmasked (yeah us old time fans know this but kids who haven't seen the movies and come to it fresh will get the surprise and after all it's the kids Georgie boy is making the movie for not the twenty/thirty something adults) and makes the mask that bit much more imposing and threatening when it does show up in ANH.
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