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    Wow! That's sweet!

    Must be cold in that room...
    "I'm getting too old for this kind of thing"

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    nice!!! is she hunting somebody on hoth?? she can cut some glass with those bad boys...LOL

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    The bust is awesome(both of them) . But I think the face looks more like that of Schmi Skywalker.
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    Very bice indeed.

    Does he use Silly putty? Is the entire thing made of clay or does he support it somehow?

    Also, how long does he fire them for?

    Basically, is there a do-it-yourself guide around on how to make those?

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    Well being the sculptor of the Aurra Sing bust, as well as the Slave Leia bust my brother, Big B. posted. Who better to answer your questions.
    I used Super Sculpy and black Sculpy III (to add color). Both are polymere clays that can be bought at most art and crafts stores ( Hobby Lobby). To give support to the peice while I worked on her, I used an armature that I made out of a wooden dowel and aluminum foil. With polymere clay you use a conventional kitchen oven to harden it. I heated her up at 200 degrees, lower than box instructions indicate. I did this so I wouldn't make the mistake and char her, but it did take longer to harden her (about 1 hour while still checking every few minutes). I haven't found a guide on how to use Super Sculpy besides the box directions. I just use trial and error.

    Hopefully I can finish her soon. Once I do, I'll post pics.

    Thanks Big B. for posting pics of my art.

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    Originally posted by Darth Ravenous
    Thanks Big B. for posting pics of my art.
    It's about time you register here to plug your own work.
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