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    Storing & Displaying loose figures

    Forgive me if this is the wrong forum to post on, but, it seems to have the most views and there fore possible opinions.

    I currently store my loose figs in the clear plastic boxes you can buy at Walmarts in their fishing aisle.
    Now, I'm in the mood to display them, so I bought a bunch of the display stands (round black discs with a peg in them) and have been looking into acrylic displays.
    I'm surprised no one has made anything specific for this size action figure. The most compatible I saw was one from Diecast Displays which was designed for 1/24 scale cars. It can hold about 48 figures and runs about $47. It's height of each compartment is 4 1/4" which should hold even Chewbacca (I hope).
    Anyhow, what are other options for displaying loose figures? I like something enclosed so as to keep dust out.

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    One thing I have been thinking of is going to Home Depot or Lowes and buying some plexiglass. They willcut the pieces toyour specific needs. Then you can buildyourown case and have it enclosed. it will suit your needs because you design it. I want to do this for my vintage collection since I am now a MOC collector.
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    Here's a suggestion ...*10170

    (If that link doesn't work I'll put a pic below.)

    It's at Ikea and it's $19.99 - It's a wall mounted shelf with sliding glass front doors, about 19" by 19" with 3 shelves total. It comes unassembled and it's made of unpainted wood, so you can paint it whatever color you want and then assemble. This is a new thing actually and I'm gonna go and get 2 or 3 of them. If you don't have an Ikea near you, you can order online and they'll ship it to you.

    Kidhuman ... for cut plexi, try and find an actual plexiglass store in your area. They will generally offer any thickness you want and they will probably be much better than Lowe's, etc. at getting a clean cut. Some plexiglass can chip and crack when cut the wrong way ... gets messy, looks bad. I've used 1/8" Lexan (the shatter proof stuff) for a few different applications and it cuts very nicely (less apt to yellow with age also.)
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    Great suggestion guys. Thanks so much.


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