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Thread: The Hobbit

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    The Hobbit

    I am thinking of picking this up when it comes out. It looks real cool from I have seen on It seems to follow in the tradition of Legend of Zelda games and really like the format.:happy:
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    I seen a picture of it in a Nintendo booklet. It looks like it could be a fun game. I cant say i will pick it up as soon as it comes out but eventually i will make my way to it.
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    Go to they have just every video game trailer imaginable.
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    I think it looks fun, and since I already dig the Hobbit story I'll probably get it when it eventually gets marked down.

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    I rented it this weekend and it's pretty good, not Zelda good, but good nonetheless. I definitely plan to buy it when it gets marked down somewhat.

    It's basically like an overstuffed version of the novel. Where every little task that Bilbo had to carry out in the book is jammed with an excessive amount of mini-quests and puzzles. Many times at the expense of logical story progression. For example, if Bilbo rushing out of his home to meet the dwarves is so critical, then why are you forced to perform a mini-quest for every single Shire resident? (well the visible ones anyway - about 23 mini-quests in the Shire alone) Everything from fetching a butter churn to finding a hammer and nails so some Hobbit handyman can fix the bridge.

    I guess the game designers were working under the premise that "more is better."

    Like I mentioned before, I don't hate this game. I really think that once I manage to slog my way through the Shire, I might find it pretty enjoyable. The graphics are really smooth and provide a very nice atmosphere and the voiceover for the characters is only about half as annoying as your average Playstation game.
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    Re: The Hobbit

    I finally finished this game after having it since January (once I got Hit and Run I couldn't play any other game until that was finished). Some of the later levels, like Inside Information where you confront Smaug, are a little trickier and some of the hidden stuff is really tough to find. The last level, The Clouds Burst, is pretty good cause there's a lot of good Orc-whipping chances in the battle of the five armies. However it's pretty easy to do. Even the last challenge when Beorn finally shows up (they don't include him in between the Misty Mountains and Mirkwood) only took me two times to figure out and execute.

    One interesting thing about the game I did find out is that Clive Reville, the guy who was the Emperor in ESB also does the voice of Thorin in the game.
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