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    My Artoo figure long since lost, my interest in Star Wars was pretty much non-existant this year.
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    Our first real Star Wars motherlode! For the Christmas of 1980 our church did a toy drive in which needy families were given donated toys. My family easily qualified for needy status so my brother and I ended up with this gigantic box next to our Christmas tree. When we opened it on Christmas morning we found the Death Star Playset, an X-Wing, a TIE Fighter and 11 of the original 12 figures (no Han Solo, just a second Stormie)!!! We also got the original Escape from the Death Star board game.

    Needless to say we were very happy campers that year.
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    Most of our figures lost or destroyed by jealous friends the Death Star soon became a base for loads of those little green army men. In fact my DS playset was so prominent in our room that when I had to draw a picture of my bedroom for a school art assignment the DS pretty much became the center of the whole drawing.

    My TIE fighter had been broken by an aforementioned jealous friend, in which he somehow found a way to jam the wings in upsidedown. I wished he was
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    All those toys at Once? Wow! That would have made the richest kid's Christmas, let alone the nicest donations!

    This could have been your best childhood Christmas, eh Barada?

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    This was the year I first saw the AT-AT toy on TV, needless to say it changed my life. That toy soon became my single minded obsession. The only toy I really had this entire year was a Bossk figure who I absolutely HATED!!!! He was so ugly, and my brother having Boba Fett wasn't helping matters either.
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    I managed to score a grand total of three figures this year! A Gamorrean Guard (who I traded my Bossk for) an AT-AT Driver with a missing foot and a Threepio with a missing hand. I have no idea how the figures got their injuries since they were given to me by friends who were planning on throwing them away.

    At this point I still hadn't seen any of the movies. The ROTJ commercial grossed my mother out (Jabba's sliminess) and thus started my parents' hatred of anything and everything Star Wars (which was only broken by Ep1's release in 1999, the only Star Wars film my parents' actually like).

    Our collecting went underground from here as anything Star Wars related my parents would find got thrown away.
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    I think this was the year that ANH premiered on TV. My parents begrudgingly allowed us to watch it after enough begging and it was pure magic.

    No new toys this year, but we did get the three movie storybooks from various sources (anybody remember the old Reading Is Fundamental program? That's how I got the ANH storybook).:happy:
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    This year was the second Star Wars motherlode. My dad had managed to make-up with his sister (who he hadn't spoken to in over twenty years) and she came over for a visit during the summer vacation after sixth grade. Her and her daughter bought my brother and I a whole bunch of figures (Imperials and Ewoks for me and Rebels and Jabba's henchmen for my brother). My dad, who usually objected at Star Wars stuff didn't say anything for fear of opening up the family rift that had so recently been mended.

    My grandparents on my mother's side showed up a week later and, not to be outdone by my dad's side of the family, bought us even more figures! The summer of 1985 remains one of the happiest times of my life.:happy:

    I had no knowledge of POTF yet, which I didn't discover until visiting my aunt in California in 1986. By then though I had moved on to GI Joe.
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    I graduated High School in 1991 and went straight into the Army. I saw Heir to the Empire while in training. I bought it but have never read it to this day. I was obsessed with Spider-Man and X-Men comics this year. (McFarlane was doing Spider-Man and Jim Lee was doing X-Men can you blame me?)
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    Wow. You had a rough childhood there, Barada.

    My dad started getting sick of it and I started having to mow the lawn, wash the cars, and work for the neighbors to pay for my own toys. As a result, they became "worth a lot to me," and I took extremely good care of my vintage collection.

    Mom still drove me to the toy store and sneaked around and bought me stuff though. She was always kind about that sort of thing (and still is - that's how I got my first 12" Darth Maul)


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