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    Yes, getting all of those toys on Christmas day in 1980, is one of those wonderful memories that keeps me collecting to this day!!
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    So did you ever get a vintage AT-AT when you were a kid?

    I bet you have 3 or 5 now, LOL.

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    I'm glad for you. That sounds like you had a more memorable year with Star Wars in 1985 than did a lot of fans.

    That's good and your fond memories of it are even fresher.

    Don't suppose you remember which figures you got when, and who were your favorites?

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    I managed to buy an AT-AT from a friend of mine when I was 16. It was a little worse for wear but I still loved it! This was around 1988 when all of my high school buddies were "growing up" and getting rid of all their toys. I managed to build quited a collection in those years.

    In one last act of contempt for my Star Wars collection, my dad sold off all of our vintage toys when I was stationed in Ft Hood. So I had to buy a new vintage AT-AT to go along with my POTF2 one, when comparing the two I still like the vintage one better.

    As for my parents, ever since he realized that I don't have to visit them if I don't want to, he's become a lot more cooperative when it comes to storing my SW stuff.
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    I got, in order:

    Han Trenchcoat
    AT-ST Driver
    Ewok Glider

    My brother got:
    Luke Jedi
    Bib Fortuna
    Klaatu Skiff Guard
    Leia Boushh
    Rancor Keeper
    another Nikto
    Leia Endor (he loved Leia more than me)
    Sail Skiff mini-rig

    We actually tried to collect only factions of figures (Imperial, Rebels, Jabba's men, Ewoks) but soon just split ROTJ down the middle and collected from our respective halves (except for the Endor Leia which my brother bugged me about until I relented and traded for Chewie).

    These lists might seem small compared to the huge collections that some had amassed by this time but it was the most Star Wars figures my brother and I had ever owned.

    My favorite was Wicket until I got Vader, who is actually the only figure I still have from those days. I remember hating that flimsy little lightsaber tip and clipping it off with toenail clippers. Other than that I have kept him in very good shape.

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    You and Luke Skywalker have a lot in common, don't you? ; )

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    It sounds like you still had a lot of fun and though your "Star Wars family life" was difficult, you were very close to your brother and had a good time.

    I always thought it would be cool if some friends had to do an economy collection, where one kid did 'good guys' and the other did the baddies. Imagine the day the one kid comes home with the AT-AT! (that rope on the snowspeeder just isn't long enough son...)

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    And thats what collecting is all about,giving to those who dont have Nice thing to do!
    You fool, my reach is far greater than the Jedi.Only a Sith can wield the force over such a great distance.'' - Darth Sidious

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    This thread makes a lot of sense now that it has been condensed and mixed up from probably 9 threads, all interwoven. It's still a great discussion guys. Keep it up, but take one year at a time please.

    You can tell which discussion applies to what by the title of the post.

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    I went in and edited most of my posts to hopefully clear up any confusion.


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