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    I was wondering how a thread got so many posts in a day (without being a SSG Story-type one!). That answers that.

    Easy. Only one item: cloth caped Jawa. This was my first Christmas in California (coming from the Buckeye State of Ohio), and I thought this was a neato toy. I ripped it open, not even realizing there was a gun taped to the bubble (ah, loose and un-mint all at once ).

    P.S. This is an easy way to post pad. You could combine years in the same post, you know.

    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."

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    Go on Bel-Cam Jos. Tell us the rest of your vintage years!

    If I get real industrious, I'll edit my responses to Barada so it makes sense for other readers. Barada knows which replies went to what, before the merge. But I think I can only edit within 24 hours (as this is not the forum I moderate).

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    You know, for my semi-photographic memory, I really don't have many specific memories related to years and SW toys. One sI do recall:

    Got the Snowspeeder for my 10th birthday. I remember ignoring my friend who came over so I could play with it. (Sorry, that's not a good memory, I suppose ). I think I also received some early ESB figures on a trip back to Ohio; Lando, Rebel Soldier, Bespin Guard, etc. I recall getting htem only if I did something good, and having to temporarily return them to mom when I did bad stuff (dang! more bad memories! ).

    I remember losing Walrusman at school (not supposed to bring toys to school; gotta learn the hard way! ) and lying to my parents that he was lost at home in order to get a new one.

    Uh, Tycho. You want me to continue? My "good memories" seem to be a bit negative.
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."

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    This was the watermark year. On a trip back to Ohio, I stopped at a swap meet. I saw a dealer who had SW figures, and I knew I did not have the blue Snaggletooth but had seen other friends who had. It was $8 (?!??!), but I talked him down to $4 without the gun. Yes, that's right. I began to look to complete the SW figure collection (no "vintage" name, since there was only one line) after this.

    Out of order, but no matter. I found POTF Lando at Thrifty Drugs (now Rite-Aid) for $4.99 (?!??!) I wasn't allowed to get more than 1 figure (sorry, more bad memories ), so I had to pass on Barada, or a couple others. I saw Barada several months later, with an open blister, no staff, and bent card, and passed on him. In 1986, I looked frantically for it, but no dice.
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."

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    It's not a release year but it is when I discovered all of the POTF figures on clearance at TRU for $0.75 each! I never even knew that there was a POTF line until that moment. I looked for the two new ewoks, Amanaman, Han Carbonite but all they had were Barada, Imperial Dignitary and a crapload of ROTJ re-issues. I wanted the Imperial Dignitary but didn't have the Emperor or anyone to go with him so I passed and picked up Barada. I've always just liked the way he looked. However, when I saw the GI Joe section packed with tons of new stuff I went nuts. I set the Barada down, grabbed the biggest Joe vehicle I could find (the Havoc) and ran out of the aisle. I was so excited that I could actually afford this thing (I was reaping the rewards of my first summer job at my aunt's ranch in CA) that I totally forgot about the Barada figure I set down. Ahhh, what a stupid kid I was!

    This memory came back with a vengeance when I decided to fork over $45 to get a loose Barada figure from Brian's Toys.
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    It's just really cool to hear everyone's experiences. Good and even bad memories, Bel-Cam Jos.

    There are 2 more threads like this in the POTJ and the POTF2 Forums. Everyone's welcome to participate.

    It's interesting how sometimes, in 'the Dark Years' for Star Wars (1986-1990) some people really had good times and the Force was still going strong. My memories pale in comparison to some of yours for that time. I watched the videos in the dead of night on many weekends, usually after dates-gone-wrong, and just dreamt of being somewhere else. Then I'd shoot those green Rodians....!

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    Summer 2007 I got into collecting vintage figures, so far I've picked up 11 figures sealed in various card condition, my goal being to get all 96, not all on card, just all complete. I think I remember back in 1985 getting the Rancor Keeper at some point, then we got our cousins SW stuff, but I think my mom threw them out a few years later...grrrrrr
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    Wow...can't believe I missed this thread.


    While I always liked the movies, I was too young to really get into the toys in the late 70's. By this time, I was turning 6, and had seen kids bring SW figs into Kindergarten for show and tell the year before. Seeing the cool "Hoth Wampa" commercial really sealed it for me, and so I asked for, and got, a whole bunch of figs from my aunt for my b-day: Hoth Han, R2 w/ Sensorscope, Darth Vader, Ben Kenobi, Tatooine Luke, Yoda, Death Star Droid, and Chewbacca, along with the Wampa. A week later, my parents took me shopping for the figures I wanted but didn't get, although at this point I had to share with my brother, so we gottwo each. He got ANH Leia and Hoth Luke, I got C-3PO w/ removable limbs, and another figure whom I can't remember.
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    1983 - Part I

    Over the course of the year before Jedi came out, my brother and I would get 1-2 figures at a time, either for Christmas/B-days, or for having good grades, or just because my parents were in a good mood. The toughest finds at the time were R5-D4 and the Jawa, which my father was able to find eventually. He only went after work, but it was at a point in time where he would actually pick them up when he saw them, rather than say "ok, there it is, we'll come back later" (my mother did that once with a TMNT Shredder fig, and of course it was gone when she returned - how naive parents are to think toys just stay on the shelves like that). Anyway, my father allowed us to collect one of each figure, which culminated with the elusive Power Droid figure which I got only a short time before Jedi would come out with all new figures.

    On a side (and somewhat humorous, if not pathetic, note), I almost never had the Ugnaught figure. As little kids minds work, I remember being totally frightened by the teeth on this figure, and believed that, if I had this figure, he would somehow become real in the night, come out of the closet, and bite me. Needless to say, I cried when "Santa" brought one for my younger brother - apparently my parents thought I didn't want it for me. They didn't realize I was terrified to have it in the house. I ended up relenting about a year later after my friends would hound me with "it's just a toy," and my brother had to have minor surgery, thus wanting it back, so it finally came out of my father's desk at work and into the house. That completed the set up to that point.
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    1983- Part II

    With ROTJ coming out, of course came the new figures. Again, my brother and I would get figures just for being good at the store, and for our B-days. Aside from the Admiral Ackbar mail-away, the first figs we got were General Madine, Biker Scout, Emperor's Royal Guard, and Bib Fortuna. I saw and also wanted Squid Head, but my father said no.

    When the figures initially came out, the Ewoks were hard to find. I saw one once, but my parents refused, claiming it was "too expensive" (I don't rememebr the store, but it may have been one of those dept. store/Service Merch. types that have been long gone since the 80's). My aunt said she would get it after also seeing it once, but it was gone, and she ended up getting my brother Squid Head instead. Boy was I ticked at that. We finally managed to get Chief Chirpa by accident. On line in TRU, the lady in front of us w/her son had two of them. We asked where she got them, and she siad she had asked the worker, who brought them out for them. My mother got off the line, then found and asked a worker who nicely brought out two of these from the back. This was the first (and last) time a TRU employee ever did this for us, but I guess scalping was a problem with the ewok figs, and so TRU actually found a way to combat it and help kids, unlike how it's worked since the mid-'90's.

    For my b-day later that year, I got the Max Rebo Band, and my brother got the Rancor. We managed to find the remaining pre-POTF figures, with the mail-away Emperor coming shortly before finding the "final four" in bradlees one night - Jedi Luke, Lando Skiff guard, Gamorrean Guard, and Logray. Funnily enough, I was playing with figures with an ex-friend at the time, and a friend of his showed up with a Jedi Luke w/ blue saber and buttoning cape - years later I found out it was a variant, but at the time I wondered what was going on.
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