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    Quote Originally Posted by jjreason View Post
    We're the exact same age....
    *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL Isn't it scary sometimes though, being this age *bites nails I don't want to grow up anymore!
    Quote Originally Posted by jjreason View Post
    Dex's post reminded me of getting the tall Death Star playset at my granma's one Christmas, that Dianoga was one of my most cherished items for some time after that. I'm quite sure it was the year after the Falcon. I never did have any Cantina set, but we got the Droid Factory second-hand, along with a remote controlled Sandcrawler - which I was proud to use alongside my cardboard Sandcrawler playset (though I can't recall exactly when I got that).

    I only just recently got my first Dagobah playset with Yoda's hut (in horrible shape, but hey - it was free). Looking at it, I can't believe Hasbro hasn't put that back out again.

    It's awesome how reading someone else's memories can trigger your own, ain't it?
    It's funny, I never got the droid factory or the remote sand crawler. I wonder if there was distribution problems back then? j/k

    I had/still have my small head Han Solo, Man o man, my Mom knew what she was doin'! Anyhoo, he was my all time favorite figure. I got my stuff out to play one day and I couldn't find him. I got so upset and worried and Mom tried to find me another at the stores but couldn't and one day I pulled out the death star to play with it and he was sittin' there in the elevator. I was so happy.

    This next one is kinda odd but I remember doing it like it was yesterday...I think subconsciously I didn't want to grow up to be an icky girl so that meant I didn't want to have boobs (BOY do I feel different about that now ) so I used to poke press pins into leia's boobs to see if they would deflate. The holes are still there ROFL!
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    Ha! Imagine the ebay description if you were ever down on your luck:

    Star Wars Princess Leia figure, loose, near-mint & complete. Bright white, cape intact. Paint perfect, figure however is showing a few minor boob-pricks (please see photo). Buyer to pay all shipping costs.


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    Like sands though the hourglass...

    Random remembrances:

    1991 or 1992
    I had dreams, unlike that whatever-induced one Chuxter had , where I was standing in front of glass cases full of SW figs. Then I found an area collectibles/antique mall that had not only a large case eerily similar to my dream, but a "Sci Fi Room" of just Star Wars, Star Trek, Buck Rogers, Planet of the Apes, etc. stuff, wall-to-wall. Awesome! I spend many a weekend, and many a personal check or paycheck there, until I finished my non-Droids and Ewoks collection in '93 with Carbonite Han.

    A good friend of mine, after a sleepover when we watched Star Wars on VHS (as if there was another way ) in the days when you only used "A New Hope" as a trivia answer, not an episode title, realized that I still kept my figures, vehicles, and playsets. We divided up the characters (he got Han which meant the Falcon, Chewie, Leia, Boba Fett since we also connected villains and vehicles to that one) and played IN THE BACK YARD of my house (couldn't be caught playing with TOYS in junior high ).

    I always loved getting figures from Toys R Us because the displays were the biggest and their price tags looked cool on the card (that was back in the days of their bright orange ones, and back when stores actually stuck the price on the package :notMIB: ).
    I predict that the upcoming Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi film will include the word "and." Multiple times.


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