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    Do you dislike all Gungans, or just Jar Jar?

    It's a simple question, for those of you who have been accused of "hating gungans" due to your comments and/or feelings about Episode I, is this blanket statement accurate or is Jar Jar binks the main target of your displeasure?

    I know for myself, who has been called a "gungan hater" a few times, it's totally untrue - I even like Tarpals and Boss Nass - but I do still have a beef with the character of Jar Jar as an individual.
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    I think Darth Sidious said it best: "Wipe them out. All of them!"

    Just kidding! I don't have a prob w/ either the individual or the species.
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    I hate all Gungans, save for Boss Nass. That race should have stayed locked in George Lucas' imagination.
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    Darth Shifty, but why do you hate them? Please give a reason so that i may better understand what it is about them that you dislike.

    I dont have a problem with them as a race. I think they are neat looking and different to compared to other races in the Star Wars galaxy.
    I think the dislike of them comes from Jar Jar being their main representative and most people not liking him. I dont think Jar Jar was a bad character, but he was too annoying.
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    I like Jar Jar and the gungans.

    My only complaint about Jar Jar is the "How wude" every 5 seconds.

    My wife thought it was cute, heck, Jar Jar was her favorite part of Ep1.

    I guess GL watched a lot of Full House with his kids.
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    Just Jar Jar, the other Gungans seemed to have some intelligence.

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    I like them all. Jar Jar does get annoying sometimes, but it's not too bad. He's even funny, most of the time.

    I just hope they take out the farting eopie for the archival edition.
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    Never used to like they guy, but he's kinda grown on me . Jar Jar's great !

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    Not all. Tarpals was pretty cool. Jar Jar was alot better in AOTC.

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    each film has seemed to have an object of hatred. many hated 3po in ANH, the ewoks in ROTJ, then comes jar jar. i don't mind him or the gungans. i can't stand Boss Nass though. what a waste of screen time.


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