Got these in the mail today

Destroyer Droid-Not bad,the only complaint I have on the droid is the "feet".They are made of a soft plastic and kinda rubbery,the way its packaged you have to bend the legs a lot to rip it out of the bubble.B+

Super Battle Droid-The open hand feature on this is rather dumb,unless there is another action figure being choked by it.The arms could have had more articulation to swivel around in "shooting mode" but its absent on this one.C-

Battle Droid-I believe this is the reused break-away scuplt,and the magnet doesnt hold as good as I'd like.If you go to pick the figure up from the head,the legs normally stay attached to the stand or fall to the floor.Great for play action thoughA-

Overall,I'd give the set a B.Great for filling out spaces in your collection or in a diorama.I say its worth picking up one or two