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    Just when it can't get any worse...

    I walked into my local TRU today and was surprised to find the large Star Wars section replaced by Increddible Hulk. That would now make 2 large Hulk sections in the store. At first I thought, ooh, this must mean the new stuff is here so everything was shifted to a new location. That's when I turned around to find a Star Wars section (all old stuff) about a third of the size of teh previous one with everything crammed into two or three rows. What the heck! They wouldn't even have room for any new figures let alone vehicles. Arrggghh.

    In desperation I went across the street to KB only to find they had expanded thier Star Wars section to accomadate even more Endor Troopers and Han Endor!

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    THE HULK!?!?!? Why would toys R us make 2 huge alies for a goofy toy line with just 2 action figures,some cheap vehicles,and stupid green hands, for real I stoped going to toys r us back in 2002 when they still had EP1 figs and no saga figs.Kb,and wal-mart are my starwars stores no matter what people say about wal-mart.
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    Ah, c'mon Mylow!! Sure, the Hulk figures are warming the pegs for months and will be, but you can't lie and say you HAVEN'T had any fun w/ those Hulk hands!!! I'm waiting for those bad boys to go on clearance and i'm stocking up!! Too much fun!!
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    mylow it is not what I have to say about wal-mart but about KB. C'mon the 3-packs were $13 each. Oh well, I bought the clean one from there because it was so hard to find.
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    The nearest TRU to my house also had replaced the former Star Wars section with Hulk garbage, however, I did manage to find a new Star Wars section, with some of the newer saga toys there, including the new 12" Han (well maybe not that new), still it was there, and I bought it gleaming from ear to ear!
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    One of my TRU's has the usual pegwarmers so i wont visit it for a long time but the other one has empty pegs. Im hoping they will get some new figures in soon but i wonder if they will put them out or try to get rid of the preview figures first. They have tons of Zams, Jangos, and R3's.

    Why would they give more space to Hulk toys? Products bearing that name dont seem to sell well. Ive never seen anybody buy one of those toys. That line is a major pegwarmer but my TRU's are filled with others like it. (Disneys Atlantis and Planet of the Apes come to mind)
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    Yep, this is happening in the Seattle area as well. All Star Wars at TRU has been moved to a non-main wall and have been reduced to 8-12 pegs. Some of the TRU's have removed the labels on the hooks that advertise the Clone Wars figs. And Hulk stuff is now at two separate areas in the store. Can't believe how much movie tie-in stuff is still there. They really got hosed on it.

    Target is the same way -- a small space maybe two pegs wide for Star Wars. At least they are getting in new stuff but it showing up on the sales floor is spotty now. It used to come out every Thursday morning like clockwork but not anymore.
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    That hulk line is gar-bage. I too have never seen anyone purchase it. I dont get to TRU as often as I would like but my wally world has it in two seperate spaces too, an island in the middle of a main aisle and 3/4's of an aisle in the toy dept. The only thing I have seen sell is the gloves which are awesome.
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    I SEE GREEN, I TURN MEAN!!!!! RRaaarrrrggghhhh!!! Hulk SUCKS.... er.....sorry...I mean, SMASH(ed)!!! Yeah, those Hulk merchandise are definitely turning greener and greener w/ age. Poor bastards can't seem to move. Fortunately, the ToysRus I go to still have a lot of AOTC figures for those who missed it the first time. Unfortunately, there's not too many people looking for the old figures. But I did found my Jedi-3pack and Blue Clonetrooper there. There are some clone wars stuff still sitting on the shelves. The SW stuff still have ample space for display. It was moved to the rear of the aisle, while the Hulk stuff was put at the front shelves. Oh well, gotta trade places somehow. I still visit Toys Rus. You'll never know what will turn up.

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    Maybe they have so much hulk garbage sitting in the back room that they need to make some space for new stuff. That's why they are putting all that stuff on the shelves. Of course I am being sarcastic. I don't think retailers currently know what to buy even if they were told the future trend of sales for the next fiscal year. Walk into your local Wal-Mart. They have plenty of Hulk stuff, but won't carry SW 12" or Cinema packs. Can you say DUHHHHHHHHHHHHH........
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