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    Flashback Emperor is a great piece and the first with two legs. I recently picked up a new one that could actually stand on its own with no problem (wish I could say the same for my original one). Blows all other Emperor figs away - even D. Sidious, but only because of that fig's awful face sculpt!

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    I liked the detail exhibited by Zuckuss. That figure showed me for the first time that Hasbro was capable of giving us more. I think the POTJ line is showing that now. I think Zuckuss led the way, however......

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    Originally posted by bigbarada
    Over here in the US, you can usually get ahold of Bossk for around $2 mint on card. So it's not just Singapore where he's underappreciated.

    It's a shame because he really is one of the best POTF2 figures and a HUGE improvement over the vintage one.
    I don't think that price is because he's underappreciated, I think it's because there were a LOT of Bossk figures out there. Everybody I knew was able to find one almost as soon as it came out, it was one of the only "popular" figures to be in TRU's first major SW sale (I think it was $2 or even maybe $1 a piece, mostly EV-9D9s, Bossks, Dengars, Yak Faces, and Rancor Keepers) so it really got around. I bought a ton of 'em at the big sale and donated them to a few childrens charities.
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    As JT said:

    EV-9D9, Bossk, Dengar, Yak Face, and Rancor Keeper

    I like all these figures for a number of reasons,just memories and that but nobody ever cares about them!
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    As JediTricks said, MMC Threepio is a fantastic figure - easily the best "clean" Threepio made, and one of the best figures in the POTF2 line.

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    I can't believe I didn't mention this fig, as threepio is one of my favorite characters. The MMC version is awsome. Hasbro should have used this sculpt to give us K-3p0, or at least used the arms!

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    I like the MMC 3PO as well - the first one from the rerelease really had some problems with its proportions.

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    Cool PIGS in Space

    For me the Gammorrean Guard is the most underated. He is one of my favorite aliens from the movies plus he's a huge walking pig!! Lak was nice but after he was released he got cut out of New Hope for that awful Ketwol.

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    I will throw my lot in with MMC C-3PO. The head sculpt is different from all other 3POs, and is correct. All the 3PO models nowadays use the Flashback sculpt, which is a downgrade from the MMC version. Even though it could be a little better(straighter legs), this is definately the best 3PO ever made.

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    Pote Snitkin is an excellent figure who's sculpting is on par with the new POTJ aliens, although his accessories leave a lot to be desired.
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