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    Zuckuss was on my top ten list of fav I can easily slide with that one. However, Grand Moff tarkin is still my favorite (depending on what you call underrated)
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    An as yet unmentioned (probably due to the status as underrated) grouping that fall easily into this category are the Cinema Scene "Cantina Aliens". All three have great sculpts. I've wanted a Nabrun Leids figure since 1977, years before I knew he had four arms and years before he had a name. I also love the attention to detail given to Labria. I saw a photo or two of the original mask in "Star Wars Chronicles" (the single best Star Wars reference ever) and was amazed at how accuratly they reproduced even the lumpy back of Labria's head. That was not artistic license, those bumps were on the original mask! And Takeel accuratly captures the look of the ANH era "Snaggletooth".
    The Cinema Scenes often get overlooked, mostly due to the unabashed remaking of existing figures that dominated the line.
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    I pick Admiral Ackbar, aside from most of the ones mentioned here. Even though his accessory was kind of lame.

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    Myself,I go with the AT-AT Commander. This dude doesn't get any respect. Hasbro knows this is General Veers and what do they do? They give him this stupid name.


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