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    Most Underrated Figure

    Ever have a figure that you love but nobody else could give two craps about?

    Ever noticed how some incredibly well sculpted figures get overshadowed by more flashy releases?

    Well then this is the thread for you!!

    To me Bossk was probably the coolest of the early POTF2 figures, but in the variation-crazed days of 1997 the "we got him right the first time" Bossk just seemed to get lost in the shuffle.

    As for POTJ, Boss Nass and the Tusken Raider are two excellently crafted figures who's current status as pegwarmers is really hurting their appeal.

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    Thumbs up

    I agree that Bossk is an overlooked figure. 2-1B, which I think is from the same wave as Bossk, is an overlooked figure.

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    I was actually going to mention 2-1B (awesome figure!), but he somehow got overlooked.

    HAAA!!! I crack myself up!!

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    My vote is for BOSSK. He should also be in the thread "Best POTF2 figure" but somehow I missed that out. BOSSK rules!!

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    the master jedi
    I thinkbuff Luke is underrated 'cause can do a lot with this guy. You could pretend he's a wrestler, a presonal trainer, a night club bouncer, or any tough guy.
    I'm demented so I'll shut up now.

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    I'd have to say Lak Sivrak. Its such a nifty we might have never gotton him.
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    Lak, 2-1B, both great choices IMO. I'm not sure Bossk is really an "underappreciated" figure, I've not seen a lot of folks bashing him or even forgetting him. He would be on my list if I thought he were though.

    Another would be MMC C-3PO, this figure is the best-looking 3PO in the line, yet I rarely see folks even remember he exists.
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    I really like the 2-1B figure. I was working at TRU when his wave with Bossk, Luke Hoth and Hoth Rebel Soldier was released. I actually thoguht the whole wave was fun, but since 2-1B was the least "playable" I think he often goes unnoticed.

    I don't think I would ever change the sculpt of Bossk, but he would be even cooler with added articulation.

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    Maybe its just here in Singapore that the Bossk is not well received. Saw people selling him at a price comparable to Lando Buff and Monkey face leia and that's baffled me till today. Its really a good looking figure.

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    Over here in the US, you can usually get ahold of Bossk for around $2 mint on card. So it's not just Singapore where he's underappreciated.

    It's a shame because he really is one of the best POTF2 figures and a HUGE improvement over the vintage one.


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