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    This would be a pretty cool idea, methinks. I'd probably be available around the time of Comic Con next year. I mean, they can't schedule it on a day I'm getting married twice in a row, can they?
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    How about Dragon Con?If you do it at C3,count me in.I think IJG will come too.This is great I can meet all of the gang.See you in 2005.This is going to ,Getting all the members of the SSG in one place at the same time(Cat fighting in background).

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    Steve, how much does a booth at a con cost? You could have one at SDCC and C3 (if it's not too much $$$) and people could drop by and mingle. What exactly did you have in mind?
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter
    This would be a pretty cool idea, methinks. I'd probably be available around the time of Comic Con next year. I mean, they can't schedule it on a day I'm getting married twice in a row, can they?

    Maybe if you get divorced and then remarry............. .
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    It would be cool, but i dont know if i could make it. You should have it in Omaha. We are in the middle of the country you know. Its not a big city (a year or two ago i read it was the 49th largest in the US) but its not a small country town either. Just a thought.
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    I don't want anyone making a special trip just for this... my thinking is that SDCC is a HUGE event and those that attending could also stop by the party. A booth is not what I had in mind...
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    I'd be able to make a SSG Party at C3 but Cali is quite far to travel for myself.Cool idea Steve,I've always wondered if some kind of SSG get together would be held.
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    Im still bummed I didnt get to bump into anyone at CII... I doubt Ill be getting to SD anytime soon, but if CIII is held in Indy again, Ill be there, and Ill plan on staying longer if it calls for it. so PARTY ON SSG'ers!
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    I am totally interested in meeting the "community" in person, it would be a blast... if we in the lottery I am totally there with JediElf...
    Even seeing pics from such an epic nexus would be cool...
    Maybe we could do some kind of link-up kinda thing, independent from the cons, in a few different places all at once, more regionally-oriented... (this is just a parallel suggestion, not meant in any way to misdirect this thread, but maybe an idea for a lower-key "meeting")
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    Re: SSG Forums Party - Who is Interested?

    Count me in...color me there...I'm on board...choose your euphemism...I'm there! But the only reason I will go to Comic-Con is to go to the SSG union. The Hell that is the Comic-Con chaos is not worth the show when you can see great coverage right on this website!
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