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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks
    Next season on VH1, "I Vaguely Remember the Videos", where minor celebrities and former stars try to recall what they were doing when they saw music videos for the first time. Don't worry loyal VH1 watchers, the channel won't play more than 3 seconds of any one video and won't focus too closely on music of any kind.

    That's halarious JT! I just realized what I don't like about the I love the 70's show. It reminds me of what a crappy childhood I had.

    What is up with VH1 anyway? Once MTV stopped being a music video channel, I switched to VH1 to get my dose of music television, but now I only catch videos if I'm up at 2 am.
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    If you catch VH1 in the morning like between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. you can catch videos then. Of course they only show videos of what is current which then leads me to ask, would you want to watch videos on VH1 given the mostly crappy music that comes out nowadays?

    For satellite subscribers VH1 Classic is the best music station in my opinion of all the ones out there, including MTV2 and Much Music. For those who like Classic Rock or Progressive Rock, this is your channel.
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    Cool It's back!

    VH1 has another "I Love the '70s" series, originally subtitled "Volume 2." So far, it's been much more repetitive than the previous "I Love" series, if such a thing is possible. There've been some good parts, but this one's been more raunchy and crude, IMO.
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    I caught about five - 10 minutes the other night. It was Bob Eubanks (the Newlywed Game) talking about songs from '73 to make whoopee to.

    VH1 is a poor excuse for a music channel anymore. I remember back in the late 80s when it was good.

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    Well, now that the series is over (for new episodes, it'll be out of continuous reruns soon, right? right? ), maybe their jingles will finally git outta my head. Worst ones? "Burt Reynolds' Mustache," "Guess This Joe," and "Farrah Do," as well as seeing the identical Charo, Whoopee Songs, and Little House on the Prarie intros. I know people have mocked the idea, but this series should do an "I Love the 1790s" or something (a 1/2 hour episode), where they show important "pop culture" and news items of that time period. That might be funny, as long as viewers know their history (crickets chirp).
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."

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    "pop culture"
    Speaking of pop culture (And not wanting to start a new thread for a relatively old show), has anyone watched the World Series of Pop Culture? What a joke. How do these people qualify as "experts" when they get half the questions wrong?! Alot of it seems obscure, but if I can sit there on my couch and scream the answer at the fat idiot trying desperately to be funny and cute (which most of them are), they, being the "expert", should have no problem.
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