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    Kenny teh Talking Shark on Kids' Discovery Channel

    OK, I watched this morning and found myself laughing and enjoying a cartoon just as I did when I was a little kid. Anyone else like this one?

    I figured out that the only way the shark can breathe out of water is because he's a cartoon.

    I wonder if there's been an episode where he eats the little girl's dog?

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    It and Kid Tut are alright shows when nothing else is on. I can't recall any dog eating episodes but there is one where the shark eats all the USPS packages they keep getting in the mail.
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    I have not seen this, but about two or three weeks ago, my wife was flipping through channels in the other room, came across this, and made a point to tell me how incredibly bad the theme song was.
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    Do you have the lyrics, Chux? I want to sing it now
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