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    I Love the 70s on VH1

    Man.... bad film makes everything look bad. I am watching years before I was born so it is alien. Still cool in a bizarre way.
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    After seeing the bit with the Pet Rock,I now know where Kenner got the idea for the Early Bird Kit.

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    I was born in 1970 so some of the stuff talked about so far is somewhat familiar. The one thing I had never heard of was the day-of-the-week panties. What the heck is up with that?!

    I like the series, but can't quite fathom the producer's pick of celebrity commentators. Half of them look like they're way to young to remember any of that stuff. VH1 must get them all in a room, show them clips of movies, music, and commercials, then push them in the right direction in their comments.

    Oh, and Lynda Carter still looks pretty good.
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    First time I laughed during a "I L.T. 70s" show was with the Big Wheels. I remember flipping it upside down and spinning the front wheel with the pedals (nothing odd about that), but also yelling "Ice cream man! Ice cream man!" like they mentioned on the show. I have no idea why I did that!
    I was invented in the mid-70s, so I am aware of many of the images from earlier than about 1974 after the fact.
    Somehow, it's not as nostalgic-seeming as "I L.T. 80s" to me.
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    Well,1977 will be tonight. I'm sure there will be quite a few of us watching that episode.

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    Well, it's nearly midnight central time, and I might have to catch the reruns of the 1977 installment. I have enjoyed watching it and bringing back the memories! I was born in 65, so I remember most of the 70's..........even the gawd awful styles of those yesteryears! Bring back the 8-tracks.........NOT!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandalorian Candidat
    Oh, and Lynda Carter still looks pretty good.
    yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah................... .........(with questioning tone)

    But............................................... ...................
    this is the first time that I have seen her in recent years where she is starting to look haggard. Lonnie Anderson is also looking haggard too.

    Man what was the deal with the facination with the use of lower primates in showbiz during the seventies??
    No matter how I die, even if there is a suicide note; it was murder. Cheers!

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    I question VH1 using some of the so-called personalities for this show and the 80s show.

    VH1 is a shell of its former shell. Remember when it used to play videos?

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    Quote Originally Posted by OC47150
    I question VH1 using some of the so-called personalities for this show and the 80s show.
    I agree 100%. I honestly don't know who most of the "comedians" they have on there are. The other people, Dee Snyder, Eric Estrada, Brian Krause, Donal Logan, Lynda Carter, Loni Anderson and the wife from the show Donal Logan is on, I do recognise. These people are C or D list celebrities
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    I don't know about you, but I can't wait till VH1 presents "I Love The 1910s."

    I mean so many topics to talk about, like WWI, Woodrow Wilson, Spanish Influenza, the Titanic, just to name a few.
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