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    Hoping for the best . . . Wal Mart getting ready?

    My Wal Mart moved the toys again. It looks like Masters of the Universe will no longer be available. But there are pegs labled for Star Wars . . . lots of pegs!!! Could this mean that lonely old Watto and Lott Dodd will have some new company on the shelves? I hope so!
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    I certainly hope so. I know my Wally world has trimmed down the Hulkand others as of last week. Also they clearanced out alot of stuff and I picked up the Tie Bomber for 20 bucks. Here is to hoping
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    My Walmart got finished moving the toy section around (I think at least... a sales person told me it was "Phase II") and they did add alot of pegs but they went on the outside row and about 6 pegs in the acual row but they're the same things they've always had.. the same 150 things they ordered 4/23 I'd try to buy some but they don't even have clones anymore... unless you count all the Anakin Hobo and Jedi figures as clones because they're sitting there in dozens....
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    If that's what Wal-Mart is actually doing, then I hope Target takes a cue from them and decides to "get ready" too. I've noticed that each of the seven Target stores I've been visiting recently have shrunk their action figure sections down from two aisles to only one! And this is their Christmas reset!!!

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    I went to Wal-Mart yesterday, nothing but Palpatine and Pilot Padmé/Jango. Maybe I'll check again soon, to see what they're doing. They moved them a week ago, but decreased the number of pegs. So hopefully the addition is a nationwide thing.
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    my wal mart has completely changed and stocked most everything back up. but not star wars. I hope they are going to get some new stuff. But they will probably just put out the same stuff they had or something kind of new thats not that great. wal mart really just ticks me off man. I cant believe they arent carrying all star wars stuff anymore. Thats dumb. But they never had figures anyway, so everything will be how wal mart always has been. empty and full of bitter employees, they suck
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    I like Wal Mart's doughnuts. As for their toy section, i found most of the Saga figures (that is up to the Orn Free Ta wave) there but i really dont go to them anymore looking for toys. Too many pegwarmers and lying employees. I dont bother asking them anymore because they usually dont know what they are talking about.
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    I feel like a yutz now. I went to Wal*Mart for 4/23 because none of the TRU's in my area were doing a midnight madness and I wanted that stuff that night. AND because WM wasn't going to put out their exclusive T.I.E. Bomber/Snowspeeders until that night. So, I made the choice to go to Wm first to get the exclusives then to get the 4/23 stuff. I should have waited and gone to TRU the next day and shopped at my leisure instead of worrying about being bowled over by some overly ambitious collector or scalper. WM got almost $700 that day from me. NEVER again. I'll wait to get any exclusives they may carry in the future (and from their current stance on SW toys that's not going to be any time soon).

    Now that K-Mart has sarted getting Clone Wars stuff, they are taking place of WM. So now I still shop at 4 major retailers (TRU, Target, KB's and now K-Mart). Not only has WM lost my SW purchases, but all of my purchases. I can get my groceries, clothes, etc. elsewhere. So I'll pay a few extra cents. If it means my satisfaction of knowing a corporate conglomerate doesn't get my money then I'm ecstatic. Besides, I'll end up helping many stores instead of just one, and that's good for the overall economy.

    Although I haven't shopped there for about two weeks now, consider this my official BOYCOTT of Wal*Mart.

    Sorry, I got off on a little rant there, but WM sucks!
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    Yes, I spent quite a bit of money at Wal-Mart in April when the toys were released. I haven't gone into a Wal-Mart in sometime now as I have found a better selection at Target. Plus I still have this bitter taste in my mouth after being fired from there, less than a month after I wore my trooper armor that morning in April to help promote sales of the SW line.
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    No peg changes here Same old Hulk stuff,which will probably be sitting there til 2005 knowing my local store.
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