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    AZ collectors Just Found News

    Earlier today, I found the Screen Scene Jedi Council #1 & Geonosian War Room #1 at the Target on McClintock & Baseline. Also the TRU on Ray & I-10 had the 12" Han Solo.
    The website

    The Wookie has no pants!

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    Hey, check out this thread on rebelscum:;p=130

    195+ pages worth of AZ finds and counting...

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    Glad there are still people in AZ that are posting.

    I've missed so much of the 2002 collection I think. The newer 2003 just started popping up on the shelves the last couple of months. It just seems that the AZ stores are crappy, or they are getting picked over so quickly.

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    I post all over here , but I post there too in the AZ "Look what I found" forums. I was surprised when I logged in to see anyone from AZ here.

    greggk- Yes, they are getting cleaned out quick, anytime I have found something new anywhere in the Valley was because they had just put it out within like an hour. If you do go over to Rebelscum's AZ board I recommend you post. People there are real helpful. I go by Miss Kittin 17, you'll see me there.
    Kitik Keed'kaks for everyone.


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