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    Non SW custom - Bane

    I know non-SW customs weren't allowed in this section in the past, but since this IS the customizing section, I think all customs, whether Star Wars or not, should be posted here (it would also help reviving this section )
    if you still don't agree with me feel, free to move this thread...
    anyways, I decided to repaint my Legends Of The Dark Knight Bane so I could finally display him (the old colors were sooo ugly)
    I basically repainted the complete figure (except for the black on the boots, though I did black-wash the laces too)
    I added pics of how he used to look like and pics of my repaint (from all sides, to show all the detail)
    BTW, I recently purchased the new Mattel Battle Armor Batman, I'll repaint him soon, too to give Bane some company I'll post some pics of hi when he's finished
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    Sorry, this thread moved to the Other forums.
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    Nice paint job Maul!

    Your Bane looks a million times better than the original.

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    Nice job dude, looks really cool.


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