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    Re: Multiple Finds - Northeastern PA

    The Wal-Mart in Dickson City has tons of the ANH VOTC figures, can't see them getting anything soon.
    Sorry doesn't put thumbs on the hand....

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    Re: Multiple Finds - Northeastern PA

    I called the WB Target this morning now that I'm back from Vegas. The toy "person" said they are holding a huge pallet of SW toys including a vehicle(Slave 1?) and many cases of figures. She wouldn't give me an exact date, but did say to check back at the end of October.
    Is there something going on I don't know about? Why would Target hold stuff back at this point?

    Also, I did snag a few VOTC Stormtroopers off of while in Vegas. They were basically $11 plus about $11 shipping. Not too bad! They're expected to be in by Tuesday. I wish the ROTJ VOTC would show up again(wish I was here on Tuesday), but I figure I might as well get a jump on things.

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    Re: Multiple Finds - Northeastern PA

    Boy, oh boy, did I get a shipment today!
    Those VOTC Stormtroopers arrived alreadyfrom and boy are they great. Other than VOTC Han and especially Vader, best SW figure I've ever had. Even better than the SA Clone.
    I'll say one thing, those guys are cool and I WILL order from them again.
    I feel very guilty for this one....chump-like even, but I ordered the 2005 Sly Moore, 05 Pablo Jill, and 05 Queen and 05 handmaiden from Bryans today. Paid just over $70 clams, but....05 figures are out already. I called Hasbro and they confirmed that they are in production and will ship to stores """""soon""""", whatever that means to them since mostof the OTC/VOTC is nowhere to be found.

    I normally don't pay 15-20 bucks a figure, but these will be something to see. I would have got Yarna, but it sold out this morning.

    I think my online purchasing is gonna go WAY up.
    Target and Walmart in WB both have SW sales, Wal on the 3.88 tip, Target at 3.88ish and 8.88 for the VOTC. BOTH stores are picked real clean. TRU/WB still has no OTC basic out and about 10-12 Hans and Bens from the VOTC. Kmart in WB has very,very little SW in stock.

    I talked with Chuck, the Toy Dept Mgr at Target in WB, and he seems to think that SW is too hot (hah!) right now and stores that do more daily sales volume are getting the figures. we all can read, no one is really finding anything too overstocked anywhere in the USA on the new SW line. He (Chuck) and another mgr. by the name of Paul were both actually really rude about the whole toy "thing".

    I called back tonight and spoke to LeAnn in the WB Target Toy Dept. She said they are having some staff attitude problems right now, but SHE was the one who said Target IS holding stuff back for the last week in October. There is a huge Transitional pallet in back for a refigured toy section. YA KNOW, it's bad enough that the toy can't be found but when the Dept Mgrs(in this case, Mr Chuck and Mr Paul)don't have a clue, it doesn't help...

    I just don't gettit...I will have 4/5ths of the 2005 line next Monday, but I still can't get these figures:

    VOTC Boba-R2-Chewie-Stormtrooper(in multiples on shelves)
    OTC Hoth Vader, Biker Scout, Tusken, Scanning Tech, Bib, Gammorean
    OTC Cantina #2(is this suddenly an online exclusive, Kmart-where is it?)

    I am a very passionate collector and I'm sticking with the hobby, it's just very frustrating sometimes.

    Also, Walgreens in Kingston has 2 of the 2nd Imperial Dignitary and 2 Hoth Lukes if anyone needs em. Probably the most interesting thing I saw on the hunt today was a Doc Ock! I picked the one up that Walgreens had for a friend...go figure!
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    Re: Multiple Finds - Northeastern PA

    I couldn't post over the weekend, so here's a roundup of the past few days.

    10/13- The Yarna(#2/05) wookie will ship from Bryans. Cool....

    10/12- Today only yielded the Target Slave 1(finally). And it' Look, seeing the 300th Fett again(3rd I have now, say I) is great, but it would have been nice to see a VOTC-styled pack in this time(and Hasbla has the sculpt, cam on!).
    The ship looks great, but with the added "dodads" on the middle and back of the ship, it's clearly a NEW Jango/Ep2 sculpt. Nice. No depth charges, missles galore, and since I haven't opened it yet the packaging says one figure in cockpit (!). The absence of a Cargo Bay that opens, Jango's missle tip and side gun, and a Carbonite Block give me a (WOW LOOKS GREAT,but....) mixed review.

    Other than that I found NOTHING new today. I got fed up and made a flurry of calls to KB, TRU, Walmart, Target, and Kmart corp guest relations last week. End results:

    KB-don't care
    Kmart-no clue
    Walmart-Can't find anything to restock with (!!!)
    TRU-looking into the absence of any of the basic OTC in WB
    Target-keep checkin, fool

    Mail order has been good, though. Got Sly,Pablo,Queen,Rabe from Bryans. I gotta laugh, although they WERE inflated in price it shows how messed up this hobby is that I have 4/5 of the 2005 line RIGHT NOW and I can't find 8 of the OTC figures.

    One non-rant....TRU did get in the BOBA-R2-Storm-Chewie case on Saturday. Got the 3 I needed. At this point, I'm not gonna army build-no space, don't CHOOSE to spend the money, and I am scaling back big-time how much I hit retail. It's a waste. EE, here I come. Cases, here I come.

    Seriously, I'm through calling every store and running around. Between ALL the online sites, I'll get what I want.

    BTW- the ROTJ VOTC case is the best. EVER. PERIOD. I wish they were all $4.99, but seeing such quality and coolness says that EP3 (movie AND toys) will rock.
    The Pablo is really cool, but Sly Moore is great. I hope she uses a saber or a berylium pike in Ep3; great removable cloak, nice ball-jointed head and arms.

    That's it for now-Sith Lord, I'll call, and we'll trade/sell/etc,etc.

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    Re: Multiple Finds - Northeastern PA

    Well after three weeks of wait finally 6 OTC cases came to Montoursville. Unfortunately these cases were the Wave 9A R1 cases which consist of 3 Lando Generals, 3 General Madine, 3 Han AT-ST Driver, and 3 Princess Leia Bespin. I was really hopping that we would have gotten the wave 9 cases with the Gammorean since we got them three weeks ago, or the Yarua cases but unfortunately we got pegged with these soon to be warmers. We have 18 of each of the figs listed above, and I'm sure they will be there for a while. I set up a star wars 4-way just away from the figures shelf home so look in the action alley by toys. We also got in two cases of the Boba wave VOTC.
    After 11 months The BEST/WORST figure poll is still going strong.

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    Re: Multiple Finds - Northeastern PA

    I haven't posted in a little while because of my disgust with retail.
    It seems that the cases with revisions(got this term off of haven't shipped en masse yet, so I'm still holding out to get a Biker Scout, Fortuna, etc, etc at retail.
    HOWEVER....good news:

    TRU-Dickson City and WB- Both got in the Vader Helmet/Voice Changer, $34.99, less in WB than up north(about 10 up north as of late yesterday). Pretty cool, I'm getting one this week to check it out. The Y-wing has arrived, $29.99, got 1. About 3 each in each store. Good, good paint job, pilot is junk, and the landing gear still sink(nice goin, Hasblah!). Only the WB locale got in the VOTC ROTJ case, picked up 2 more Stormies, did notice that C3PO is now the rare one outta the 12.

    Kmart- WB- Finally got in the Cantina Scene 2, picked up one of the 2 they had. In typical Hasbro fashion, the new cases are 2 of each Scene which means there will be Scene 1s everywhere until 2009. I like the Blue Snagletooth, had one as a kid, nice to have one again(darn that flea market in the 90's), but I gotta say, I need the Ben and Ponda Tag Team like I need to drill a hole in my noggin.

    And Finally......NO NEW FIGURES.

    At least the store folk are polite and keepin it re-elllll, by telling me that NOTHING is shipping.
    I will probably order the Case 2 for 05 with the Cantina figures and the Sandtrooper from EE-hey, with a 11/04 ship date it's worth it. I still will wait on the other 6 OTC figures I need.
    Is it me or does it not matter what SW product is out(DVDs, Videos), retail just doesn't get the stuff? No offense Jaff, it's not the fault of folks like you, it's just the crazy ordering/distribution system.

    Anyway, peace out and all that stuff. Nov 4th will rule to see the trailer and since I'm flying up to the Cinemark for the Incredibles(YES!!!), it'll be nice to see the trailer(please,please,please attach it to the NE PA print).

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    Re: Multiple Finds - Northeastern PA

    Quick update...

    TRU(WB)- Ywing is gone, clerk said a box of 2 Darth Vader voice changers sold yesterday before I stopped in.

    Headed down near Jaff's way today, other than a Tusken OTC at the Montoursville Wally, nothing new .

    Talked to Sith Lord 0498 yesterday(good to speak again...) and I share his frustration with the hobby.
    I've finally decided not to army build anymore, at all, even if Ep3 is around the corner. Ya know, I bought the Cantina Scene 2, but took it back. I'd be paying $20 for a Blue Snaggletooth and that is just a rip. I don't want another Ponda, i don't want the Ben, and I agree with the line of thought some have that the Cardboard cantina from 98 is preferred unless Hasbro manages to make a Curved Section.

    As with any hobby or "thang" yer gonna have your ups and downs. No doubt that seeing the new trailer next week(not to mention the Incredibles! ) will get me pumped for the new movie.

    Let's face facts, shall we.
    Retail always goes through these dry spells, but with the poor stock out for the OTC/VOTC, I've pretty much had my fill. Annnnd...lloking over what I have, I have the same characters umpteenth times over. No one is twistin my arm to buy multiple R2s, Bens, etc, but I do wonder how many more I'm goona buy.

    Looking at the prototypes for the Ep3 line(and I won't print any spoilers) I'm not all that excited. Ya, good scuplts. Ya, VOTC style arm articulation. But, that's what I expect at this point. Sith Lord made a good point yesterday about how this hobby is just too frustrating.
    I called about the 05 Cantina Case for 11/04 shipment. No guarantees, same old story.

    At this point, my NE PA finds posts are more about what isn't out than what is. It's time to re-evaluate some things....and the only conclusino I have is to downsize the collection, buy really great figures and pass on the rest.

    Slave 1(OTC)-goin back. It's Jango's ship with the 4 plug in pieces and I still have not gotten an answer from Hasbro on the missle/gun pieces missing.

    Ywing(OTC)-great American deco, but it's goin back. The pilot....come on, that's not even worth with that head, the landing gear sink, etc, etc. Goin back.

    Cantina Scene 2-please. Insert quality/rehash joke here.

    Still NO NEW FIGURES at retail.
    I'ts not like I need another Vader, but it would've been cool to SEE a Hoth version in hand to tell if I want it.

    Look, rant over, but after Ep3 leaves theatres...I dunno...I'm just really fed up with aspects of the hobby(and the toy industry, by default) that are as bad as they're gonna get.

    So until I find something new at retail, here's a little NE PA finds silence getting louder all the time....

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    Re: Multiple Finds - Northeastern PA

    Local we go...

    Nothing new...yet. Friday according to Kmart in WB WILL see the release of held merchandise for the big sale. I hope we ALL find some new stuff at the sales across the USA. Again, I think we all help each other out here, so according to the local Kmart, Friday WILL see new cases that have been held back put out!

    TRU- Truck tommorrow, usually Thursday/Friday are both great for new finds.

    Target- Truck tommorrow, so who knows....

    Good luck, hopefully there'll be some finds to post...

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    Re: Multiple Finds - Northeastern PA

    I have NOT posted since 11/3....shipments are pathetic around here.

    The good news is the Naboo and Endor 4 packs are at both WB and DC TRUs if ya need em and it looks like the Ywing is back.

    Anyone who is familiar with me on these board will have read my rants. I don't need to go off again...but I'll just make a quick note.

    I was out with brother James on Tuesday and found the DC Target sitting on 5 Saga Aaylas, which should've been clearanced by now. The clerk said call back on Thursday for new stuff.
    I called-one case in, one Biker Scout which I need, this was 8:45AM this morning. The clerk said he wouldn't hold it and that the usual SW Scalpers/Shoppers weren't in yet. I asked him why he's teasing me. He, justifyably said, what do ya mean? I said, why look for something for a customer, find it, and then not help one to get's like teasing. He pretty much recited a corporate hold policy, IN SPITE OF THE FACT that this Target holds stuff for me pretty much ANY TIME I need it.
    I real issue here is why they got 1 case of 12 SW figures in when they can hold 8 of em and why the Biker Scout is better packed, better shipped, and available everywhere.
    Why does Hasbro take the time to print up cardbacks with the Pig Guard, Biker Scout, Fortuna, etc, and then NOT make them available?
    I don't hide info when I find stuff, I SHARE the info because it's good karma, the right thing to do, and helps us collectors ALL OUT!!!
    But....nothing is more frustrating than going to retail right now. is the only place that has cases for order with the figures I want in them, but they are delayed until JANUARY 05.
    How much more frustration does one have to take to hang in with this hobby before busting a blodd vessel, people?
    I don't even like travelling to Scranton or Hazleton on a toy run on the off chance I'll find something because 150 out of 151 runs, I NEVER do.
    What is going on with the OTC, people? HUH?


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