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    Re: Multiple Finds - Northeastern PA

    A lot of good news to post...

    First off, was in the Hazleton area on Friday on my way to family in Rhode Island and found some things. The Hz Walmart got OTC sabers! They had the electronic Darth and Luke, no sign of the others, and had 4 each. This Walmart still has a lot of HOF-Obi, Ani, Yoda, Luke, Leia, Han, and suprisingly some Jabbas and some Ewoks, still. The Hz Toyworks is pretty dry, still have the Yellow Striped Clone 12" if you need it. Kmart continues it's pre-gold stripe Saga clearance, Figs like Taun and Jango/pilot were only $1 and I found a CW DD Launcher for $2; still had one after I bought one.
    While in RI I was concentrating on family, but did make a major score-one CW SA Clonetrooper from a grocery chain called Stop 'N' Go. $7.99, GREAT figure, one of my personal all-time SW favorites. I did see some Obi & Ani CW figures, too, but no other CW SA troopers. This IS proof that they are out there; never doubted it, but it is sad that these are not on the slate to be re-issued. AND... being a standup guy, I gave it to my best friend for his birthday present. Opened, of course. I'll rant more about the find in the CW thread. All in all, it really is great.
    Anyway, back from RI and found out some good news from TRU. The store near Williamsport has this info in their computer:
    Wed 6/23- Darth Vader TIE Fighter. A Whopping 1,812 (!) are on order for our region-NE and Central PA. Also, Wed 8/25 is the drop date for the OTC 12" line, although no case amounts for our region are listed. The EXTREMELY helpful clerk said the Vader TIE will probably be a week late as the coding in his computer states. While he had no info on 3 3/4" cases, they're bound to show up sooon.
    BTW-believe it or not, I scored an Ultra Ewok for 59 cents at the Montoursville(Williamsport) Walmart!!! If I had scanner access, I'd prove it. The clerk in the toy dept said it was a return and when it rang up, the code was "strange" in the system. So, who knows, if you're in a local Wally World and they have a SW item(s) that isn't normally there, maybe it'll be cut 'n' slashed price-wise. This Walmart also had a fresh case of the cheapo lightsabers in the new black/white cardboard display "stand".
    So, good luck hunting. I guess the OTC is really on it's way...
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    Re: Multiple Finds - Northeastern PA

    Hey great finds, great post too. Good information, Thanks
    Sorry doesn't put thumbs on the hand....

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    Re: Multiple Finds - Northeastern PA

    You're welcome, kwyjibo111. If it helps people find what they're looking for, toys sell, people are happy, we all win, and evil-doers are smoked outta their caves...
    Here's more good news:

    TRU(Williamsport/Lycoming mall):
    Even though the Vader OTC Tie was due in today, they didn't get it on the truck.
    INSTEAD, a case of 2 each-OTC Tie & X-wing arrived!
    The cases(clerk didn't say how many) will be put out tommorrow. If this follows previous patterns, the TRUs in Wilkes-Barre and Dickson City(Scranton) should have theirs tommorrow, too.
    BTW-I will be moving back to the Wilkes-Barre area next week. I've had my fill of living in Williamsport. SOOOO....I will continue to post my finds, but the focus will be Wilkes-Barre-Kingston-Pittston-Scranton-Dickson City instead of Berwick-Bloomsburg-Williamsport-and the entrance to Hades, Lock Haven.
    TRU near me(for now) NEVER, and the Rock means NEVER, has any case info on 3 3/4", so if anything pops up tommorrow or Friday, I'll post it.
    If you live in the region and read this, by all means post what you find. If things stay spotty, we'll all need some help this summer finding things....

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    Re: Multiple Finds - Northeastern PA

    Today's update-

    TRU- WIlliamsport got in the case of OTC X-wing and TIE. They put out one case, had two of each, I only picked up one TIE, so if anyone's interested the rest are there. They didn't put out any other SW product at all.

    Walmart- Montoursville had three Snowtroopers and remnants of the Aayla refresh wave.

    Kmart- Williamsport had nothing new, one lone Dodonna and more remnants of the Aayla refresh wave.

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    Re: Multiple Finds - Northeastern PA

    The Montoursville(Williamsport) Walmart has the OTC electronic sabers! They had 2 each of the Vader and the Luke Saber for anyone who is looking for em. The TRU near Williamsport still has the 2 OTC X-wings and the 1 OTC TIE if anyone needs 'em.

    I'm looking forward to moving back to Glen Lyon this week. Toy runs between Wilkes-Barre and Scranton on a regular basis have been sorely missed!

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    Re: Multiple Finds - Northeastern PA

    Start lookin, folks, cuz the OTC has finally really hit NE PA!
    Kmart in Dickson City got in a case of the VOTC Han, Ben, Leia case and the first case of Galactic Heroes.
    I was suprised to see the Galactic Heroes so soon. They are pretty cool, with the Luke, Vader, and Han pack in stock, about 6 of each. No sign of C-3PO though.
    Nice to see Kmart get back in the game.
    I only collect the 3 3/4" line, so I grabbed the 1 Ben and 1 Han that were there. No Leia, though, no doubt she shipped and was snagged. The VOTC is the best packaging I've seen on a SW 3 3/4" figure so far. I still haven't seen ANY of the OTC single cards yet, so maybe that will change...?
    Nice to be back home, BTW.

    Also, TRU in Dickson City has about 12 of the Vader OTC TIE in stock. I passed for now, but do plan to buy one. None at the TRU in WB, though....

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    Re: Multiple Finds - Northeastern PA

    Hey glad to hear you found them so soon. I just ordered them from amazon yesterday. I saw the Vader Tie the other day, the packaging is great but the figure and ship look like the one previously released.
    Did you check any of the other local Kmarts? I'm sure they'll have them soon.
    See ya
    Sorry doesn't put thumbs on the hand....

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    Re: Multiple Finds - Northeastern PA

    I had the morning off from work yesterday, so I decided to do a complete toy run of the Wyoming Valley. Here's what I found:

    K-Mart (Route 11, Edwardsville)
    VOTC Obi-Wan, Leia, Han @ $9.99 each
    Galactic Heroes - Luke and R2, Han and Leia, Vader and Obi-Wan @ $5.49
    Bossk (Executor Meeting)

    K-Mart (Route 309, Wilkes-Barre Twp.)
    VOTC Obi-Wan, Leia, Han

    K-Mart (Pittston Bypass) - NOTHING NEW

    K-Mart (Birney Ave., Moosic) - NOTHING NEW

    Wal-Mart (Highland Park Blvd., W-B) - NOTHING NEW

    Wal-Mart (Pittston) - OTC electronic sabers (Luke, Vader)

    Toys R Us (Wilkes-Barre)
    Repackaged Luke Skywalker and Darth Sidious Unleashed
    OTC Darth Vader TIE Advanced
    OTC TIE Fighter
    OTC X-Wing Starfighter

    Target (Wilkes-Barre)
    OTC electronic sabers (Luke, Vader, Anakin - Anakin's doesn't have OTC logo)
    Remainder of CW Animated figs marked down to $5.49 each
    "The boy you trained, gone he is...consumed by Darth Vader." - Yoda, Revenge of the Sith

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    Re: Multiple Finds - Northeastern PA

    Good to see your finding the new stuff!
    I'm on my way to Kmart now, hope to score the VOTC Leia. Thanks for the heads up!

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    Re: Multiple Finds - Northeastern PA

    The Dickson Cituy Wal Mart had tons of hte OTC figures yesterday (Friday), and a friend found the VOTC at the kmarts in Moosic and Dickson City.
    Peace out.
    Sorry doesn't put thumbs on the hand....


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