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    Re: Multiple Finds - Northeastern PA

    The K-Mart on Route 11 in Edwardsville has the OTC 12 inch collection--at least Luke and Boba. I believe there were three Lukes and two Fetts as of 8:30 this morning, and they're $29.99 each. Look on the "rafters" of the aisle directly above the Saga figures.

    Sadly, what's posted in the OTC section is true. Boba Fett's jumpsuit is that horrid shade of deep blue that was seen on the prototype pics. Strangely enough, the back of the package shows him with a more movie-accurate suit. Honestly, neither figure seems to warrant the price tag, especially Fett.

    By the way, they still have a couple Galactic Heroes packs left in stock.
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    Re: Multiple Finds - Northeastern PA

    Thanks for the updates, guys.
    I did manage to score some Lobot-CC Pilot-Bespin Leias at the Hazleton Walmart.
    I was at Kmart in WB yesterday and bought one of the Boba 12"ers....sadly, it will be going back. While $30 is high, I must admit the packaging is very nice. Problem is, the "wookie scalps" are already coming undone; the black ones aren't banded properly nor are they held together right with the other colors. The gun doesn't fit the hand well and the absence of a neck is annoying. Boba looks cool, but unless one of my friends wants to buy it, it's going back.
    I've been asking around at Walmart and they are suppossed to have a lot of figures in in the next 2-3 weeks. I went to the Dickson City Wally and found the remnants of the Lobot case.
    BTW- TRU in WB got the 3rd Jedi scene in. It's not too bad! I put all 3 together last night and when assembled, all 3 look good! I can't wait to get the other 3!
    KB seems to be coming up empty, the Friday trucks have no new stuff.
    And can anyone tell me what's up with Target. The toy clerks in WB say that the Xmas reset isn't for another 2 weeks, so maybe we'll see new stuff then.
    BTW- thanks for all the updates. You've helped me find stuff, I hope I'm doing the same.
    I plan on calling Walmart on 7/20 and 7/21 as well as swinging by Kmart. Good luck!

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    Re: Multiple Finds - Northeastern PA

    Quick update-hit Bloomsburg and Berwick yesterday, nothing new.
    I was in the WB Walmart this morning, one HOF Leia.
    Target said on the weekend to check back around 8/6 for new stuff.
    After all the photos/info from comic con, I'm fired up to find something.
    I'll be out and about all week, so if I find anything, it'll be posted....

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    Re: Multiple Finds - Northeastern PA

    MAJOR UPDATE!!!!!!!

    Wilkes-Barre TRU - There is a single Millennium Falcon left @ $54.99

    Wilkes-Barre Target - The toy dept. did their Christmas setup this morning. There is a lot of OTC merchandise on the shelves as follows:

    Luke Skywalker 12 inch
    Boba Fett 12 inch (blue suit)
    Boba Fett 12 inch (GRAY SUIT!! - much, much better IMO)
    VOTC Han, Leia, Obi-Wan
    OTC Ask Yoda
    OTC Lightsabers
    OTC X-Wing and TIE Fighter
    Obi-Wan and Leia Unleashed (new packaging)

    NOTE: Target has a spot for the Falcon as well. It will be $49.99 when it arrives.
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    Re: Multiple Finds - Northeastern PA

    Thanks for the update...good to see Target getting a jump on new stuff.
    According to the Kmart toy depts(various stores), this is the week for the Xmas stuff should show up soon like basic figures on TOP of what has trickled in already.
    TRU is due, nice to see the Falcoln, I'll buy when I get paid again.
    Walmart is really whiffing, hopefully they'll break soon with the new goods.
    Tommorrow it's 7 weeks to the DVD release. Stuff has to be hitting big time soon.
    I also hope KB will get on board with the OTC soon. They're always good for a look...

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    Re: Multiple Finds - Northeastern PA

    Stopped by Target to check out some DVD action today and made a BIG find. Apparantly Target is the place to be for new stuff. They got 3 of the $49.99 Falcon in this morning as well as more Obi-Han-Leia VOTC and two cases of the Dagobah OTC wave. I didn't see any R2s or Obi-Spirits, but I did grab the remaining Yoda (1) and Luke (1) and Luke was in the Dagobah standing pose. I grabbed the Xwing Luke (1), nice to see the buck teeth gone and nice helmet scuffs. Target also had the ROTJ Vader (2), Jedi Luke (2), Greedo-Stormtrooper-Commtech Han Repack-Boba (all 1). Little low on cash, so I passed on the others, but they were gone by the end of the day-I stopped back. 2 Falcolns were gone, too. So, it's nice to see the stuff moving.
    Kmart, Walmart, nothing new. TRU still had the $54.99 Falcon in stock.
    Good luck.
    BTW-KB (WB) didn't know what the OTC/VOTC was. Nice to see the employees reading Toyfare, etc....

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    Re: Multiple Finds - Northeastern PA

    Quick update...

    Walmart(WB)- got in a case of the VOTC, no Luke, in last night. Grabbed a set for my pop, didn't see ANY other new OTC stuff or any more VOTC cases.
    I'll quick my gripes about Walmart now....

    Target(WB)- had Leia back in, one of her. Nothing else new, but MAJOR reshelving is going on in the Toy Dept. Also had the OTC Lego Millenium Falcon in-pretty cool , $99.99 price tag...

    Kmart(WB/Hazleton)- the resets for Xmas in toys are underway, nothing new yet, but OTC(basic), VOTC, and Falcon(non-Lego) tags are all in place and waiting for stock.

    Walmart(Hz)- Nothing new, a few stray HOF wave figures and the only OTC besides lightsabers are the Lobot and Leia(Bespin) figures, about 4 each left.

    I'm going on a run today and tomm., I'll try to post some finds.

    Oh and BTW....
    ...ran into Sally a Hasbro rep at the WB TRU yesterday.
    She said the OTC stuff, "all of it", is shipping now and will continue to be shipped through the rest of the year. She was a little skittish, but did say that the overseas manufacture and the time for sea shipping is what's making it so hard to tell when figures will hit shelves and in what stores. The Falcon and the Ask Yoda are the only toys she's got "fact" sheets on, Sally said she didn't even know what 3 3/4" figures were coming out-strangly enough, nor did she care to.
    I got the impression that she was being honest, but judging by her reaction to my questions, she seems not really interested in what "we" get as collectors.
    I know Hasbro makes a lot of different lines of product besides SW, but the lack of information or reasonably good answers is just another symptom of the modern era- retail gets what it gets when it shows up so if you find it great, if you don't, ughhhhh...
    Finally, when asked where she stops, it seems Kmart and KB are NOT on her list. Just TRU, Target, and Walmart. Interesting...since KB employees don't know what the OTC is, I wonder if they will get it, or if more clearance is now the name of the KB game...hmmmmm

    And if anyone's interested the new SW Insider (OTC character cover) is in at Barnes & Noble. I won't spoil any suprises, but it's a decent issue.

    Last thing- where the hey is VOTC Luke? Is he being held back?
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    Re: Multiple Finds - Northeastern PA

    Darth Alex--

    Those custom figures I told you about are in the "EU Custom Figures" thread on the bottom of page 9 and on to page 10 and 11. Also, I'll PM that list of stuff I'm getting rid of to you sometime in the next few days.

    As for everyone else...

    Target (W-B) opened another case of the VOTC Han, Leia, Obi-Wan today. Also, the repackaged Unleashed Leia and Obi-Wan are back in stock.
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    Re: Multiple Finds - Northeastern PA

    Wal-Mart Supercenter in Wilkes-Barre has OTC figures in stock. I grabbed the last Dagobah Luke, Yoda, and R2 (sorry, guys!!) They still have Jedi Luke, IG-88, Bossk, Luke Bespin, R2 (ANH), TIE Pilot, and a few others.

    Wal-Mart in Pittston looks like it's been getting some figures in too. I grabbed the last Lobot this morning. There's nothing left, but keep an eye on that store. OTC is obviously arriving there too.
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    Smile Re: Multiple Finds - Northeastern PA

    Today at the Dickson City Wal Mart, I found OTC Tie Fighter, Luke Bespin, Bossk, IG-88, and some of the Dagobah (which I had). I grabbed the first 4 I mentioned. Plus the Kmart in Dickson City had the VOTC Luke (3")
    Sorry doesn't put thumbs on the hand....


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