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    Jedi Council 2 & War Room 2 prototypes.

    No extra arms for Yarael Poof. (he's suppose to have 4, guess they gave his extra arms to Oppo, who actually suppose to have only 2.)

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    Depa's body is backwards!

    That sucks, but it's not like we ever see the extra arms in the movie anyway. Hopefully Yaddle has five toes and not three, although they probably gave her three to go with the Episode I Yoda figure.

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    Depa's body is backwards!
    When I saw the first released pics of her, I thought that also, but look here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Battle Droid
    When I saw the first released pics of her, I thought that also, but look here.
    Whoa weird! Hopefully that cloak'll be removable so she can sit down.

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    Yes, according to the Episode I visual dictionary, Poofy is supposed to have 4 arms, no mention about Oppy have 4.
    Maybe Hasbro got confused, the way Kenner did with Zuckuss + 4LOM. One small detail, 2 extra arms, to add to a freaky alien when you have 2 coming out in 2 very similar sets at the same time. Some one got confused.
    They say they all love Star Wars the way we do, but the make mistakes like Jedi Luke's glove and this. Obviously they dont love it the way we do and maybe they should have people working there that do.

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    I've not seen very good pictures, but it looks like Depa has a outer cloak that could possibly removed. If this is true, I'm interested in finding out what she's wearing under the cloak. No, there's no strange reason for it, except that I wonder if her under clothing would give us an alternative to Adi Gallia for customizing more traditional looking Jedi females.
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