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    Darth: Title Or Name?

    Okay, I know this must sound wierd, but I was thinking this a while back: in ANH, the way that Obi Wan says Darth Vader, it seems as though Darth is Vader's first name. But now with characters like Sidious and Maul having Darth added in front, it almost seems like it's a title, not a name.
    My reason for thinking this was when Obi Wan said: "Only a master of evil, Darth." Now, if Darth was a title, like Mister, for example, would you say: "Only a master of evil, Mister" ? I mean, I know that you could say that, but it doesn't sound right, .
    So, my question is (after all that rambling I just did) was the word Darth meant to be a title of a Sith or just Vader's first name?

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    Up until Ep1 I believed that Darth was a name, and I think it was intended to be for the OT. Whatever possessed GL to make it a Sith title, we'll never know.

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    the master jedi
    I've always thought of Darth as a title.

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    Yeah, it was until EPI that I realise there's lots of "Darth" around. Then I conclude myself that this supposed to be a tittle for the Sith.

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    I think Lucas initially wanted it to be a name, but it worked better by ESB as a title, so he just ran with that.
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    I always thought it was another word for "Lord" Lord Vader, Darth Vader. Kind of like Moff and Governor were interchangable. I never thought Darth was his first name like Doug Vader or Ricky Vader.

    And Obi Wan was kind of spitting it at him when he said "Only a master of evil, DARTH." Like he was insulting him for taking that title, knowing it was Anakin under all that hardware.
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    Smile Title or Name ?

    I always thought it was a title and a name . If you are a good enough Sith , you earn the title "Darth" and it simply becomes a name . But it also could be another name for "lord". I'm not really sure .
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    Thumbs up

    I am with JT on this one. It has the feel of originally being intended as a name and having been changed to a title later (which was actually earlier) in the overall story.
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    I think its a title given to a Sith in which it becomes a name

    So "Darth Vader" is a title and is part of his name,but thats IMO
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    Well... as evidenced in the EU book that covers the "history" of the STAR WARS galaxy, there are a ton of Darths running around in there! So... I think it was probably after ANH that he decided it was a title and not a first name.
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