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    "Singers" who can't "sing"

    yesterday on comedy central i was watching a re-run of saturday night live and it's musical guest was jennifer lopez. i'm not a fan of her music, but also don't despise her and ben affleck as it's currently popular to do so.

    anyway, on saturday night live, the musical guest actually has to lip-sincing is allowed...and i was amazed at how bad jennifer lopez sings. i'm not talking about her style of music, but her complete lack of singing ability. it was probably the worst live perfromance i've ever seen a "professional" singer give. she has no range what so ever, and her voice is very flat. her studio recordings are obviously digitally altered. how she ever got a recording contract boggles my mind. of course she's pretty, dances well and looks every bit the part of the traditional pop singer....but that voice is terrible. she sounded like some regular talentless person you would see at a kariokee bar.

    so, without bashing a singer just because you don't like their "style of music", have any of you witnessed anything like this, in person or live on TV?
    (...and caesar, you can't say "billy corgan" as it's well known he can't sing live or on tape!"

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    ok.. if Caesar cant say it.. I will .. Billy Corgan! Same place.. same deal..
    The live performace the smashing pumpkins.. just down right terrible. I figured Saturday night live.. they shoulda tried harder..

    other than that.. none that I can think of...
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    Tonysmo, I was thinking the exact same thing when I read Dereks above question on talentless singers.

    That, and 50 cent. I heard him singing live on SNL and some beach thing on MTV, and I was not impressed.
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    Snoop Dogg, but I am not convinced he's even trying.

    J-Lo has always wobbled my mind with her music career. Her and Britney Spears pop right to the top of this list for me. Anthony Kiedis can't find his notes very well either, he can sing, but even his live stuff on TV is just all over the map while he searches for the right note.
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    Woah woah, see, Billy Corgan KNOWS he can't sing well, which makes it all the more dandy. Plus, which performance we talking here?!?!!? I thought hte last few appearances i saw of Corgan & Co on TV were good. I think the version of "Bullet w/ Butterfly Wings" was kinda iffy, but tis been a while. Though, everytime i see Corgan live (with whatever band), he always sounded good.

    Anyway, I have to go w/ about 90% of rappers can't sing worth a damn. It's not that they can't sing well or whatnot, but it's hard to tell who's saying what when there are 15 people onstage w/ microphones. Like Steve Harvey said in "Original Kings of comedy", "40 damned people onstage, all have mics!! The temptations, 5 people, one mic! no matter what they did, they always came back to the one mic!"

    Gwen Stefani comes to mind as well. Man, she sounds so horrible, it makes me want to cut my ears off.
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    Britney Spears, 5 dimes A.K.A. 50 cent, Pink, Puff Daddy, JLO, and many more.

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    Let's see..............Corey Taylor. Only when he is not under the influence.
    He messed up at a concert when doing WAIT AND BLEED. He destroyed the magic!!!!!!
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    i know billy corgan dosen't have a good voice, but the thing is, he pretty much sounds the same regardless if it's live or on tape, so that's the reason i mentioned him from the start.

    ....another singer who comes to mind is faith hill. she sounds really good on the radio or cd, but i've seen her live on "VH1 divas" and on a few awards shows, and her voice is a little better than jennifer lopez's, but not much better. she too has obviously had her voice enhanced in the studio.

    ....another is third eye blind's stephen jenkins. i really like his music, but everytime i see him live on letterman or leno, he sounds horrible, but i've seen them in concert a few times and he sounded good, so i'm not totaly convinced he's "cheating" in the studio like jennifer lopez or faith hill..

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    I can't recall the first one that comes to mind too well... some "diva" from r+b slow-jam stuff. some special with her on MTV and for all the studio tricks there are, she sounded like a horrible croaking frog when she spoke... sorta like buster poindexter's speaking voice....
    The guy from "our lady peace" can't sing to save his life, their live album just released is a travesty...
    Eddie Vedder also can't sing to save his life, nor can the guy from *shudder* CREED... just a stupid warbling trick...
    Also, for those closer to the border... Gordon Downie from the Tragicall Hip is nothing but that stupid vibrato on an annoying grating 3 note range... I hat when some dumb singing gimmick gets referred to as a vocalists "Style"
    Neil Young also.... why does he pretend that that dumb falsetto is the way it has to be... sorry to fans, but his stuff is unlistenable to me (PS I can sing pretty well, so I am NOT talking through my hat this time, to be sure)

    I'm not slagging these artists per-se, and certainly not slagging fans of them (JediElf loves the Hip, whatcha gonna do) but for real, all those mentioned above couldn't combine to make even one Ronnie James Dio
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    Singers who can't sing (but whom I love nonetheless):
    Perry Farrell, Bob Dylan, Phil Lesh, Billy Corgan, Eddie Vedder (actually he's pretty all-around annoying), Trey Anastasio of my fav all-time band Phish is sometimes right on the border.
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