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    Don't forget that despite writing some of the best music ever, the Beatles were generally regarded as a studio band and not so good live.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mabudon
    Ironically I saw some article on TV yesterday about a "magic" device that can make anyone's voice sound perfect in the studio..
    Okay, my repost about the Antares autotune

    This unit was introduced a few years back for around 799.00 and was most commonly known amongst other musos as the unit responsible for the odd effect used on Cher’s vocals in Believe. (in addition to a vocoder and filter). Since then it has been used to correct the reedy thin vocals of poor singers and to retune tuneless singers. It then went through a period of creative overuse, especially in teeny pop songs and has kind of become naff now. (I was saddened and disappointment to hear it used creatively on one line in the fabulous UK Soul singer Lemar’s debut single.)

    The thing with Autotune is that it can be detected by the discerning ear (mwauh hah hah) . If you listen to the likes of Bunton (Baby spice from the Spice girls), Atomic Kitten and a plethora of other plastic bands, you can hear the artefacts of its use all over the vocals. It comes with a detune, vibrato and other presets and so it can be used painstakingly to subtly correct vocals. Because it has such a low latency, it has a good application when used in live work to help a vocalist out when competing with nerves, and a lack of breath when singing/dancing which can make the notes harder to come out tunefully. The problem is that sometimes the formant-preserving pitch shift algorithm that is used to recognise and correct the signal can sometimes get it wrong and so a slightly out of tune note (in cents as opposed to tones and semitones) can be forced to a horrendously out of tune note. I have used this to great effect on some of my tracks

    The thing that annoys me is when a live vocalist relies too heavily on a vocal gate. This is basically a situation where you have the vocal track running simultaneous to the vocalist's singing, and synced up to the instruments (or, if they are live, a SMPTE click sync track). When the vocalist sings below a certain threshold volume, the gate lifts and the pre-recorded vocal comes through at a volume that will bring the vocals level up to the correct volume. This is useful especially for singers like Madonna or Janet who dance on stage which I think is an acceptable trade-off when they are offering such showmanship. What annoys me is when the lazy or worried vocalist stops singing or purposefully sings really low - the gate lifts and lets the full pre-recorded vocal through. Anyone who has seen J-ho perform ‘live’ on Top of the Pops will be able to see this. One giveaway of this trick is to listen out for sections in the song where there is a spoken sequence or the artist is talking to the crowd in a breakdown. As the singer begins to speak into the mic, there is a short moment where the gate on the pre-recorded vocals has to close and pump the real vocals back. So the artist sounds very quiet for a few split seconds before the respective gates have raised and lowered. I nearly fell out my chair when I saw J-ho on TOTPs and she says the line “DJ, I’ve asked you 3 times, now please play my song” (or something) and it was so quiet. Then at the end when she said “thank you” to the mic, it was like it had been switched off.

    So, yeah.


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    Quote Originally Posted by EricRG
    Don't forget that despite writing some of the best music ever, the Beatles were generally regarded as a studio band and not so good live.
    actually the beatles were quite good live, and prided themselves on their tight stage performances.

    they're 1st 3 albums were recorded live in the studio, (please please me, with the beatles, and a hard days night), and in some notable instances, songs were completed in one solitary take (twist and shout is the most famous of those single take recordings)

    the 1st album where they began overdubs was the beatles for sale. (ringo's timani and george martins piano on what your doing)

    they only became sloppy after beatlemania had hit big time, and during the course of their performances, no one, (not even themselves) could hear a note over the constant screaming.

    they were forced to perform night after night, (sometimes two shows a day), all over the world, to a mass audience who didn't care how well or how sloppy they played.

    it eventually became a major grind, and of course the tightness of the group suffered.
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    Very interesting information Jeddah, thanks for sharing.
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    Copy that, well presented and fun for all...
    I tried to PM my thoughts but someone has a full mailbox....
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    Thanks guys, my complete pleasure. And Mab, isn't PMing a little unsociable to the rest of the board users (j/k)


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    I dunno what's more unsociable, actually, PM-ing smart comments or letting yer "mailbox" get so full that anyone who tries to send stuff gets error messages
    Who knew that one Cher song would give music a new "direction"...
    At least it's better than the late 90's when the "singing into a mic through a megaphone" craze was upon us...
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    Definitely Christina Aguilera... every time she goes to one of those low notes, she does that hideous grunting noise that some female singers do. I hate it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonysmo View Post
    ok.. if Caesar cant say it.. I will .. Billy Corgan!
    Thanks, I hate that whiny c**t's voice.


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