yesterday on comedy central i was watching a re-run of saturday night live and it's musical guest was jennifer lopez. i'm not a fan of her music, but also don't despise her and ben affleck as it's currently popular to do so.

anyway, on saturday night live, the musical guest actually has to lip-sincing is allowed...and i was amazed at how bad jennifer lopez sings. i'm not talking about her style of music, but her complete lack of singing ability. it was probably the worst live perfromance i've ever seen a "professional" singer give. she has no range what so ever, and her voice is very flat. her studio recordings are obviously digitally altered. how she ever got a recording contract boggles my mind. of course she's pretty, dances well and looks every bit the part of the traditional pop singer....but that voice is terrible. she sounded like some regular talentless person you would see at a kariokee bar.

so, without bashing a singer just because you don't like their "style of music", have any of you witnessed anything like this, in person or live on TV?
(...and caesar, you can't say "billy corgan" as it's well known he can't sing live or on tape!"