View Poll Results: What percentage of SW figures do you think are bought by kids?

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  • Less than 30%

    269 58.61%
  • 30-40%

    129 28.10%
  • 41-50%

    36 7.84%
  • 51-60%

    10 2.18%
  • Over 60%

    15 3.27%
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    I voted for less than 30, i have never seen a kid go crazy in the star wars section of ANY store i have been in, its mostly older collectors (who had the original figures as a kid) or greedy swindlers trying to make a few bucks of someones hobby (or pasion if u will).Kids now days have LITTLE to NO imagination ......all video games and internet thats why i beleive the figures all have "extreme" poses, because not all kids just can't imagine like we use to. Is that sad?

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    Last I heard from a source, it was right around 30%. You couldn't prove that by my area though, it seems to be 0% kids and 1% collectors, nobody ever seems interested in the line anymore.
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    While it's hard to arbitrarily pick a number, I am willing to bet dollars to donuts that the figure of kids purchasing figures is realistically between 10-15% of the total sales. The reason why has been mentioned before, there are just so many different and varied lines of figures out there that Star Wars is probably at the bottom of the list in terms of appeal to children. It seems like that every movie that comes out now, has to have a line of toys (X-men, Hulk just to name a few of the recent ones). It's pure market saturation. The adults really don't go for that new stuff. That's what the kids buy. Plus as others mentioned, the competition from other mediums is fierce for things such as video games and Pokemon cards, plus tons of others non action figure stuff which all try to grab the attention of kids.
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    I still run into kids in the action figure section of stores... but they are more into Zoids, and to a lesser degree transformers, Yu-gi Oh!, Power Rangers and various other lines. I rarely see kids looking at star wars, but I rarely see kids looking at GI Joe, Justice League or He-Man either... I think all these toy lines (and TMN Turtles) rely on the collector base for their success.

    That's fine with me... BUT Hasbro is going to lose that fraction of the market too if the stuff doesn't make it to the shelves.

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    I voted 30-40% because I have met a few kids at stores (or their parents shopping for their kids), comic conventions, etc. that buy Star Wars to play with. However, I will say that it's not like the vintage days when EVERYONE had these things. I have some friends at work with children and they know I collect toys so they keep me posted on what their kids want so I can check the stores for them and mostly I hear that the kids like Ninja Turtles, He-man, Wrestling figures, and video games.
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    If I am living in a world that's separated from the rest of you, then it must not be that far. For the weather is the same over here. Dry, gloomy and no kids. Yeah, I, too, would love to see more kids get into SW, but its just not happening. I'm even trying to get my nephews to like SW, but again, it ain't just happening. They're more into vid games and would appreciate figures from the games better, like Soul Reaver figures. Yet, with all their disinterests, they still awe at my collection and would spend hours talking about certain characters and catching up on what's new in the SW universe. But toys don't really matter to them, they're just conversation pieces as far as most kids are concerned. Let's face it, it is us who's keeping this hobby alive. Not just SW, but all other toy lines that we find nostalgic and memorable. After all, kids got less money, choices, time and freedom than us adult collectors. Not to mention less attention span and imagination. Kinda makes me wonder where will this hobby be 20 years later.

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    If you're counting just the number of kids in stores looking at figures (which has always been a small number where I've been), that's only part of the picture. To be honest, I only occasionally look in Target or KB since I preorder everything online now from New Force. And, judging by how fast they (and other companies) sell out quickly, I find it hard to believe that kids are ordering these cases of figures, sets and vehicles. This brings the total percentage down even further, in my opinion, to about 10%.

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    I say 30-40% of kids/their parents are buying the Star Wars figures.Aside from two younger brothers and a few kids here and there,I doubt many look at SW in my area.Theres a collector and his daughter that I've seen regularly,but other than that kids are looking at Beyblades and Zoids along with video games.Seems action figures are for those aged 4-8ish now.
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    What it comes down to is being a movie year or a non movie year...
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    I'd like to have this same poll conducted in a 3rd or 4th grade classroom. Just to see what the results are.

    This is not a fair poll as we are not a fair cross section of the community. We are collectors that's it, by no means are we diverse.

    By the way I voted that 60% of the product is bought by kids. Why? Simple. Go to your job ask every co-worker you can find if they themselves have a Star Wars figure at home that they bought for themselves. Unless you work at a comic shop chances are you'll find no one else who collects these things.

    Now go to any grade school in the land ask the same question to as many kids as you can. I bet you 95% of the boys say yes they have Star Wars figures at home, and I bet a surprising number of girls would say yes too.

    It's that simple. Sure we don't see kids that often in the store, but I don't see collectors either. Heck I rarely see anyone buying anything.

    It's true that more kids play video games more so than with action figurs, but I played both when I was a kid. I had every gameing sysetme from Atari to Playstation and still found time to play with Star Wars, GI Joe, Transformers, ect. Kids have a lot of time on thier hands .
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